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1/19/18 // Flame on!!!

Wooo!! Yes, the tracks are hot! Flame on. All new joints. Your ears might burn off. Reggaeton at the highest level presented to you by BTRtoday and Crazy DJ Bazarro. That's how we move. Shoutout to all the listeners hitting me up every week. Tomorrow I might be in Charlotte, NC doing some promo then… | listen

1/17/18 // Kelissa/Chris Boomer

Another 50/50 split with some beautiful reggae vocalists Kelissa & Chris Boomer.  Extra bonus SOJA and Joseph Hemphill tracks right in the middle as well.  Let's dig in! | listen

1/10/18 // Soom T & Tribal Seeds

Another 50/50 show from DJ Drew to start the new year, this time featuring Soom T & Tribal Seeds.  Let's do this damn 2018 thing! | listen

1/3/18 // Umberto Echo!

Deep deep dub from Umberto Echo including so many guest guest stars and remix versions.  Turn up the bass and welcome to 2018! | listen

12/27/17 // Returns & Exchanges

Holiday limbo = after XMAS and before New Years.  No better time to wait on long mall lines to exchange gifts you never wanted in the first place!  But tis the season, be grateful for what you have and what you got, and also for a killer holiday BTR Reggae Hour! | listen

12/20/17 // Best Of Reggae 2017

My picks for favorite reggae albums of 2017! double shot form.....for all you beautiful people!  Enjoy these picks and Happy Holidays! | listen

12/13/17 // This zone is now a Dreadzone!

New tunes from the new Dreadzone record, plus some older tunes from them so we can take a mind altering dub induced trip through time. | listen

12/8/17 // Get Into The Flow

Happy Holidays ... Yeah another dope mix for you. Reggaeton at the highest level. No time for cheesy music. Good music all the time right here. These artists on this playlist play no games. They don't just put one record out and go missing. Check out Jay EF on the playlist, he got some good music in… | listen

12/6/17 // Cold Thoughts

December is a month spent pondering about the past, present and future, all while freezing your butt off.  Today's reggae show is dedicated to introspection and the harsh cold before the new year. | listen

11/22/17 // Pre-Thanksgiving Gratitude

So much to be thankful for this year. It's my first year doing a PRE Thanksgiving Reggae Hour and to celebrate I bring you songs of unity and togetherness as well as a humble and grateful sense of holiday cheer! Carve your birds and stuff your faces!. Here comes the Thanksgiving Dub! | listen

11/15/17 // Rochester Reggae Family!

Rochester Reggae Family! Old school BTR and Reggae Hour friends Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad on this week as long as some past panda members and their new project Thunder Body | listen

11/8/17 // French-Algerian Reggae

2 great French-Algerian reggae artists: Sarazino & Brahim. They split the show in half with their unique approach to the genre. Plus a bonus final track from another Algerian reggae group Gnawa Diffusion! | listen

11/1/17 // High Flyin'

November is National Aviation Month!!!! Let's fly high on this first of the month and celebrate above the clouds on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour | listen

10/25/17 // Spook Reggae Halloween Party!

Ooooooo spooooooky. It's a pre-Halloween Reggae Hour to remember. Eat your candy and enjoy some ghostly reggae tunes right here on BTR | listen

10/18/17 // Reggae Music vs Gun Violence

Reggae music is no stranger to the theme of gun violence. Today we look at how some great reggae artists talk about the dangers of gun violence and the need for peace. Spread the word, the show and the positive mental attitude. | listen

10/11/17 // Week of 10/11/17

Argentinian reggae singer Dread Mar-I all show today on DJ Drew' Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

9/27/17 // Week of 09/27/17

Officially a Wednesday Reggae Hour now! Get used to it! Set your alarms! Alert the neighbors! Also, new sponsor Timberland and a new attitude for the rest of the year. Change can be strange, but the tunes will get us through. | listen

9/17/17 // Week of 09/17/17

Mo Magic and Ges-E’ s breakout tunes. | listen

9/7/17 // Week of 09/07/17

Hip Hop? Reggae? Something in between? Stand High Patrol, Roots Manuva and Born Jamericans help prove the point on this week's Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

8/31/17 // Week of 08/31/17

Happy (early) Labor Day weekend. Let's celebrate the international worker, and the American tradition of not working and enjoying the last few (unofficial) days of summer. | listen

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