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3/13/18 // Rex Tillerson Totally Maybe Wasn’t Fired Over Russian Comments

When Twitter starts connecting dots, you might have a full-blown conspiracy on your hands. | read

3/5/18 // Steve Billet, Part I: Parkland Reaction, White House Chaos, & More

Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss student reaction to the Parkland shooting, Hope Hicks' resignation, normalizing the Trump administration, and more. | listen

3/1/18 // Alex Jones Punched Up to David Hogg And Lost

The Infowars frontman got dunked on by a teenager. | read

2/23/18 // Weekly Rundown: One Good Thing About Trump

Joe discusses the recent activism of student survivors and the best byproduct of Donald Trump's presidency has been the political awakening and energizing of millennials.  | listen

2/22/18 // David Hogg is Not a Crisis Actor. Just Don’t Ask YouTube.

YouTube conspiracy theory-spreaders seem reluctant to defend their theories if challenged but eager when supported. | read

2/21/18 // Eric Gugick, Part II: Teacher's Perspective

In Part II, Eric Gugick discusses aspects of teacher training to deal with mass shootings, student resiliency in adapting to lockdown drills, and one instance of changing his teaching due to school shootings. | listen

2/15/18 // Dr. Steve Billet, Part II: Infrastructure, Rob Porter Scandal

In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the details (or lack thereof) of Trump's infrastructure plan and the impact of the Rob Porter scandal for the White House. | listen

2/14/18 // Dr. Steve Billet, Part I: Trump's Budget

Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump's proposed budget, its likelihood of passage, and why we should view budgets as political documents. | listen

1/30/18 // BTR’s State of the Union Drinking Game

Prepare for alcohol poisoning and the best words. | read

1/12/18 // Weekly Rundown: The President is Racist

Joe discusses Donald Trump's comments about "shithole countries" and wonders why people, particularly in the media, hesitate to call the president racist. | listen

1/3/18 // The Internet Created Logan Paul. Now it’s Destroying Him.

Paul’s "raw" moment led to a real downfall. | read

12/13/17 // Doug Jones vs. Roy Moore: Five Takeaways

Important things to remember about the Alabama special election. | read

12/12/17 // Dr. Steve Billet, Part II: Presidential Opposition

In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the enormity of the Trump-Russia saga and how strong, loud presidential opposition could be America's new norm, no matter who's in the Oval Office. | listen

12/1/17 // Weekly Rundown: Naked Hypocrisy

Joe provides a recap of some of the worst political hypocrisy of the week, including senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz. | listen

11/16/17 // Al Franken Proves Gross Behavior is Bipartisan

If Al Franken doesn't resign on his own, Democrats should demand him to. | read

11/8/17 // Dr. Steve Billet on Elections, Indictments & More

Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the impact of the 2017 elections, Russia-related indictments, the rigging of the Democratic primary, and more. | listen

10/20/17 // Weekly Rundown: Losing 'Common Sense'

On the weekly rundown, Joe discusses his favorite podcaster's hiatus and why hatred among countrymen is the biggest problem America faces today. | listen

10/17/17 // Dr. Steve Billet on Iran, Republican Fear & More

Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss Trump's comments on the Iran nuclear agreement, the administration's heavy rhetoric with North Korea and growing fear and dissension within the Republican Party. | listen

10/13/17 // Weekly Rundown: Slavery & Szechuan Sauce

Taia Handlin joins Joe to discuss Sheriff Steve Prator's racist remarks and the Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce debacle. | listen

10/12/17 // Katy Collin, Part II: Secessionist Movements

Katy Collin discusses why Americans should care about the independence referendum in Catalonia. | listen

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