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11/25/17 // Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency takes center stage, sort of. | read

4/20/17 // What's The Deal With Pennies, Anyway?

The power of the penny is a strange alchemy of history, habit, and economics. | read

7/12/14 // Radical Islam’s Digital Offensive - Social Week

How ISIS wages war over social media and the international backlash against it. | read

4/2/14 // A Fistful of Coins, Part I - Anonymity Week

In the Wild West of cryptocurrencies, "alternative" internets and new competition strives to eschew the dollar bill. | read

10/10/13 // Third Eye Weekly

It's Intoxication Week on BTR! On today's show, Medical Director for the Houston Marathon, Dr. John Cianca, explains to us why drinking too much water can be bad even for casual endurance athletes. And later, DJ Jordan chats with Dan Ozzi of the Jaded Punk blog and Noisey, the new music channel from… | listen

2/3/13 // Wasting Money on Making Money - Bullshit Week

Why the penny is sort of a bullshit element of our monetary policy. | read

1/28/12 // Bitcoin, A Modern Money Method - Innovator Week

A new online currency represents the world's first decentralized financial system. | read

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