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11/20/17 // Emily LaFrance on Cannabis & Creativity

Emily LaFrance joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the link between cannabis use and creativity. | listen

11/17/17 // Adrian Solgaard on Solgaard Design

Adrian Solgaard joins the show to discuss his creative background, the trials of starting a company from scratch, and Solgaard Design's newest products. | listen

11/1/17 // Erich Schumacher, Part II: Thinking Differently About Daydreaming

Eric Schumacher discusses how his study could potentially change the way daydreaming and mind wandering are perceived. | listen

10/31/17 // Eric Schumacher, Part I: Creativity & Daydreaming

Eric Schumacher joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the link between daydreaming and creativity. | listen

9/4/17 // Jeff Leisawitz on the Art of Creativity

Jeff Leisawitz joins the show to discuss his new book "Not F*ing Around: The No Bullshit Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground." | listen

2/9/17 // The Psychology Behind Your Mess: Why Creative Geniuses Often Flourish in Clutter

Numerous studies this year have provided solid psychological evidence that messiness, rather than being symptomatic of poor standards or effort, may actually provoke creativity. | read

1/31/17 // Humans Need Not Apply

We already know that technology is creating a dearth in the job market for manufacturing and service jobs. However, these advances are also beginning to affect the creative industry. | read

8/8/16 // Pin & Patch Expo

BTRtoday went to the Pin & Patch Show, a showcase of NY's 10 finest pin and patch companies. | read

6/29/16 // The Power of Spoken Word Poetry

BTRtoday speaks with Dave Stieber, a teacher and spoken word poetry coach in Chicago, about why poetry is something worth holding onto. | read

3/3/16 // Dream Week

We learn about the creative human process of dreaming by speaking with neuroscientists and dreamwork teachers. | listen

3/2/16 // Creativity In Dreamwork

We learn the difference between liminal and lucid dreaming and how they can both feed our creative selves. | listen

2/29/16 // Unconscious Creativity

We speak with Jennifer Dumpert, writer, lecturer, and workshop leader who teaches experience-based forms of dreamwork to promote creativity. | listen

1/17/16 // Are Animals Capable of Creativity?

Is creativity unique to humans? Bowerbirds, chimpanzees, and New Caledonian crows seem to have something to say on the matter, and the answer is more complex than you think. | read

1/15/16 // North Korea Gets Creative With Fascism

North Korea, one of the most oppressive countries in the modern global landscape, harnesses creative means to reinforce its power and nationalistic rhetoric. | read

1/14/16 // Tools For Poetry

Unique poetic techniques and tools are revealed in this interview with Ellen Bass as she breaks down her poem, "What Did I Love?". | listen

1/14/16 // Creativity Week

We speak with two creative individuals who are finding unconventional sources of inspiration: Trinity De Guzman and Ellen Bass. | listen

1/14/16 // Inspiration & Creativity

Inspirations for our creative endeavors usually come from a particular muse or event. BTR’s Zach Schepis and Lisa Autz take to the streets to ask people about their greatest sources of inspiration and creativity. | watch

1/13/16 // The Muse Of The Ordinary

Driving forces of poetry, such as small moments of every day life, are what Ellen Bass speaks upon as muses for her poetry. | listen

1/12/16 // The Truth About Deception

Research shows that creative people have a higher tendency to be dishonest and engage in morally questionable behaviors. | read

1/11/16 // Unconventional Creative Inspirations

An interview with award-winning poet Ellen Bass about love, truth, and butchering chickens. | listen

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