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10/10/17 // Christina Massey

Christina Massey a NY-based mixed media artist whose work explores her interest in the preservation of our planet. | listen

8/8/17 // Aryana Londir

Aryana Londir is a Pheonix-based abstract artist who uses textiles, found objects and paint to explore the relationship between urban life and its implications on humanity. Her work has been exhibited… | listen

7/4/17 // Mary Elizabeth Peterson

Mary Elizabeth Peterson is an American abstract artist based between North Carolina and Connecticut, whose work is inspired largely by plant and marine life, and water and ecological… | listen

5/23/17 // Karen Ostrom

Karen is a recipient of the Instituto Sacatar Fellowship (Brazil), the MacDowell Colony Artist Fellowship, Canada Council for the Arts Grants, the Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography from… | listen

5/2/17 // Joe Joe Orangias

Joe Joe Orangias is a visual artist, activist and writer based between New York City and Geneva. His projects, often collaborative and site-specific, focus on monuments, public space, queerness, decolonization and sustainable development. | listen

4/18/17 // Sky Pape

Sky Pape is a Canadian-born, culture-hound and nature enthusiast, who lives and works in NYC. Sky’s work is in prominent museum and corporate collections. She is a two-time recipient of the… | listen

4/4/17 // Patricia Silva

Patricia Silva is a Lisbon-born, New York-based artist working with photography, video, and words. Her video “Self and Others," a study of bisexual culture as captured through the lens of film… | listen

3/28/17 // Phaan Howng

Phaan Howng  is an American-born Taiwanese multi-media artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She uses the media of painting, sculpture and and installation to stage the sublime and formidable… | listen

1/31/17 // Arlene Rush

Arlene Rush is a New York based conceptual artist whose diverse work deals with issues of gender, identity, and socio economic issues and politics. Her work asks viewers to look at the balance and… | listen

1/24/17 // Week of 1/24/17

Dylan McManus is a US-based Post-Digital Printmaker who explores contradictions he finds in contemporary society. His work offers a visual starting point for critical discourse and debate among what he views as a politically disinterested populace. | listen

1/3/17 // Jodie Mim Goodnough

Jodie Mim Goodnough is a Providence, Rhode Island-based artist whose work revolves around the use of images in psychology and psychiatry, and includes photography, sculpture, performance, video and sound. | listen

12/20/16 // Jessica Gaddis

Jessica Gaddis is a New York-based artist who works with painting, ceramics, found objects, sculpture and installation. Her work questions what it means to be an ephemeral being in a physical body. | listen

12/6/16 // Erik Benjamins

Erik Benjamins, an LA-based artist, adopts materials and languages across the visual, performing, culinary, and design communities to explore our relationship between the home and away place | listen

11/15/16 // Elisabeth Smolarz

Elisabeth Smolarz (b. 1976) is a New York-based artist from Poland. Smolarz is a visual artist who often asks strangers to become participants and collaborators in her projects in order to expose… | listen

7/14/15 // Art Goes Hyperrealistic

Reality Week - BTR spoke with renowned Hyperrealist painter Raphaella Spence, of the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York City, to further understand the processes and motivations behind this meticulously detailed practice. | read

3/17/15 // 'Not Really' Art

Artists question and explore the fabricated and oversaturated nature of a digitalized society. | read

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