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12/19/17 // Kristyna and Marek Milde

Kristyna and Marek Milde are Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artists and curators, originally from Prague, Czech Republic, working together as a collaborative tandem since 2011. | listen

5/6/17 // Week of 05/06/17

Check out brand new tracks from Golden Pelicans, Los Angeles Police Department, and 0+S. Plus, some live show inspiration for the weekend! | listen

3/24/16 // Further Research With Cuba

We learn what how the Cuban embargo impacts the ability for researchers to collaborate on innovative treatments. | listen

3/21/16 // The Human Experience

David Block from "The Human Experience" travels about 300 days out of the year. You'd think all that traveling would keep him busy. Nope--say hello to "Gone Gone Beyond!" | read

2/4/16 // Competition For Quantum Mission

We learn about the competition to bring quantum communications to space and the benefit in a global common goal through scientific collaboration. | listen

11/16/15 // "Scenario In The Shade" at Red Bull Studios

BTR went to check out “Scenario In The Shade"--an immersive installation created by artists Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe and Jennifer Herrema. | read

10/15/15 // Invisibility Cloak Creation

Listen to Zi Jing Wong speak about the breakthrough research at UC Berkeley in creating a scalable invisibility cloak. | listen

8/16/14 // Book Talk

When is the work of two people together greater than what either could do on their own? As long as we’ve been interested in creativity, we’ve been preoccupied by the myth of the lone genius. Shenk busts this fantasy apart and draws on new scientific research to show how the pair is the… | listen

12/1/13 // Ladies Skate Only

The ladies are taking the stage on BTR! | listen

11/22/13 // Sew & Tell

It's Milk Week here on BTR & for fashion fans, that can only mean one label: Black Milk! On today's show, I have an interview with Cameron Parker, Marketing & Operations Director for the hot young Australian-based label, who will talk about how he got involved with the company when designer… | listen

9/20/13 // Shake Shack x Dominique Ansel = Cronut™ Hole Concrete

Shake Shack and Cronut creator, Dominique Ansel, team up to make custard. | read

5/17/13 // Sew & Tell

When you hear the phrase "plastic dress," chances are, at least for fans of the uber-popular fashion phenom TV show "Girls" on HBO, you think of character Marnie's wave-making dress from Season 2. This week's guest needs no further introduction - I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Jenn… | listen

3/22/13 // Sew & Tell

Let's hear it for the boys! This week's show is a celebration of stylish details for men, courtesy of master cobbler Tamas "Zen" Pomazi of Minnesota-based Greenwich Vintage. He and business partner Max Miller have created a beautiful empire, dedicated to exquisitely restored and resoled vintage… | listen

10/19/12 // Sew & Tell

Happy Friday! So much great stuff going on this week, as we head into the homestretch of the rapidly approaching holiday season - once Halloween hits, Thanksgiving and the Holidays are just weeks away! So (lucky for you) I have two great tips on today's show to give you a jump-start on your gift… | listen

4/6/12 // Sew & Tell

What's one of the single most exciting words in fashion publication? Collaboration. Nothing gets fashionistas whipped into a frenzy like the launch of a new collaborative collection, and it's understandable: they're unique, limited edition, and on trend, which is the dream of every… | listen

11/11/11 // Sew & Tell

It's Inspiration Week on Sew & Tell, and I have two of the most inspiringly creative friends, designers and collaborators on the show for you today! Nana Spears and Naomi Clark began their studio in 2009 after a successful project in which the curator and artist worked together to produce… | listen

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