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10/13/17 // Ep 27 // Torah Talk / ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Torah Talk with Matt Ruby & Charles Gould. Jacqueline Soller and Charles Hinshaw on ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ Molly Knefel on Trump’s attack on birth control mandates. Sloppy Heads’ BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/11/17 // Trump as the First White President

John is in the studio to discuss Ta-Nehisi Coates’ essay “The First White President.” Also, what’s going on with Trump and Pelosi and Schumer, and listener mail.    Ta-Nehisi… | listen

9/7/17 // MGG Thursdays on DACA

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk DACA, climate refugees, and finding the weaknesses in the system. Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter | listen

9/5/17 // William Cheung on Shrinking Fish

William Cheung joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring how climate change could shrink multiple species of fish by 20 to 30 percent. | listen

9/5/17 // Caroline Nagy on Flood Insurance

Caroline Nagy joins us to discuss flood insurance policy, and John is in the studio to talk about Molly’s essay on how we talk about Nazis and bullies.      Photo by Bill Koplitz courtesy of… | listen

9/5/17 // Resa Blatman

Resa Blatman is an interdisciplinary Massachusetts-based artist whose work considers issues of climate change and its effect on our landscape and natural resources. She stated that her work… | listen

9/4/17 // Ryan Schleeter on Harvey

Ryan Schleeter joins us to discuss climate justice and Hurricane Harvey. Also, listeners weigh in on our discussion about how adults talk about kids. Photo by Planet A. courtesy of Wikimedia… | listen

8/29/17 // Molly’s back!

Molly is back from her week away, Morning John on Arpaio and Gorka, Hurricane Harvey devastates southern Texas, huge counter protests push back Nazi rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley, and listener… | listen

8/29/17 // Yes, You Should Politicize Hurricane Harvey

By making something untouchable, you’re conveying your political beliefs on the matter. It limits the parameters of political discussion while willfully ignoring the larger implications of a global issue. | read

8/22/17 // Jaanika Peerna

Jaanika Peerna is an Estonian-born artist living and working primarily in New York since 1998 as well as in Berlin and Tallinn. Her work encompasses drawing, video, installation and… | listen

8/9/17 // John in the Studio!

John is in the studio to talk how climate change is already impacting the United States, de Blasio proposes a millionaires tax to fund the MTA, and a check in on the left conflict around Kamala… | listen

8/3/17 // Adrian Raftery on Global Warming

Adrian Raftery joins the show to discuss his recent study that project the planet has little chance of meeting the goals set forth in the Kyoto Protocol or Paris Climate Agreement. | listen

7/25/17 // Daniel Lanzilotta

Daniel Lanzilotta is an environmental artist who repurposes plastic waste, detritus, rubbish, fragments of litter, trash, flotsam and jetsam into works of art. Daniel is also a private chef who… | listen

7/14/17 // JAMJAM Fridays on kids and climate change

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk climate change and having children, male birth control, and updates on the AHCA. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter | listen

6/9/17 // Ep 9 // Fake News and ‘Wonder Woman’

This week, we welcome back contributors Ester Steinberg and Matt Ruby to discuss the ongoing issue of so-called “Fake News”. Also, Charles Hinshaw returns to discuss the new movie, Wonder Woman,… | listen

6/8/17 // Molly Knefel // United States Climate Alliance

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- offers her take on the recently formed United States Climate Alliance. This… | watch

6/5/17 // Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Accord

John’s in the studio to talk about the broader implications of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, plus red-baiting in Brooklyn schools, and listener mail. People's Climate… | listen

6/3/17 // Has Donald Trump Doomed The World?

After pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Trump is very pleased with himself. No one else is. | read

6/2/17 // John Cook on Paris Agreement Withdrawal

John Cook returns to discuss the impact of the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. | listen

6/2/17 // JAMJAM Fridays on Portland

It’s JAMJAM Friday and Jesse Myerson is here to talk about Portland, white people standing up for people of color, and the upcoming the British election. Also, Morning John on the Paris climate… | listen

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