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8/8/17 // Aryana Londir

Aryana Londir is a Pheonix-based abstract artist who uses textiles, found objects and paint to explore the relationship between urban life and its implications on humanity. Her work has been exhibited… | listen

7/31/17 // Terry Clower on Well-Run Cities

Terry Clower joins the show to discuss WalletHub's recent ranking of the best- and worst-run cities in the United States. | listen

4/27/17 // Stampeding in the City: How Booming Populations Make Us Ripe for Mass Panic

As populations in major metropolitan areas swell, crowd science is becoming a hot new field for understanding how humans behave in large groups and how to avoid mass panic. | read

6/21/16 // Spontaneous Urban Plants

Landscape architect David Seiter talks about his new project: Spontaneous Urban Plants: Weeds in NYC. David is interested in how weeds might be used by landscape designers and urban planners to improve our cities. David is the design director and founding principle of Future Green Studio. | listen

6/9/16 // Millennials Moving to the Suburbs?

The dynamics of millennial population shifts are determined by rising costs, familial relationships, suburban upbringings, cultural impact, and much more. | read

4/19/16 // Christine Osinski

Artist Christine Osinski has a new book of photos called Summer Days Staten Island. The project, shot in the early 1980s, documents the working class neighborhoods of Staten Island, where Christine moved after getting priced out of Manhattan. In this episode Osinski speaks about her Staten Island… | listen

9/10/15 // Neighborly Interactions Decrease

Open Week – Neighbors have become less neighborly throughout the years, and they often don’t know each other’s names. What do such trends indicate about contemporary American society? | read

5/26/15 // Art Uncovered

When photographer Patrick Gookin moved to Los Angeles he found himself spending a lot of time in the car. Driving to work he began to notice how strange and out of place the pedestrians looked. Often alone, these figures seemed totally enveloped by an urban environment designed primarily for… | listen

3/18/15 // Find Adventure in a City

Adventure Week - These exciting urban activities will get the blood pumping. | read

12/2/14 // Art Uncovered - Bradley L. Garrett

Bradley Garrett is a photographer, researcher and accomplished Urban Explorer. About 7 years ago Bradley left his job as an archeologist studying ancient cities, and moved to London to do a phd on urban exploration. He quickly realized that exploring the hidden spaces of the urban present was a much… | listen

10/18/14 // Soft and Hairy Cities

Future Week - How Biodesign, mental health, and physical activity influence architectural advances. | read

9/19/14 // BreakThru News, ep. 29: How to Build a Happy City

More people are living in cities than ever, but are urban locales prepared to handle even greater populations? | read

5/27/14 // The Legal Tangles of Airbnb - Rent Week

Can the blossoming residential rental industry ever hope to self-regulate? | read

3/10/14 // Going Up? - Co-op Week

A new social media platform for residents of the same address fosters vertical community. | read

9/20/13 // Calculating the Perfect City - Algorithm Week

Is there an equation for the perfect city? Experts say there might be. | read

4/27/13 // Urban Gardening Taking Root - Earth Week

Having a green thumb in a big city is hard work, but makes the world a better place. | read

10/31/12 // Trailing the Toynbee Tiles - Unsolved Mysteries Week

The strange case of the Toynbee Tiles and those trying to track their origin. | read

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