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8/23/17 // How Adults Disrespect Children

John and Molly do a deep dive into an essay on feminism and children. Naughty Boy photo courtesy of the Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. | listen

7/14/17 // JAMJAM Fridays on kids and climate change

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk climate change and having children, male birth control, and updates on the AHCA. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter | listen

4/13/17 // Molly Knefel on Betsy DeVos and Public Education

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- takes a closer look at Betsy DeVos and the stances she’s begun to unveil in the… | watch

3/23/17 // Molly Knefel on How Trump's Budget Targets After-School...

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- discusses how the new proposed budget recently released by the Trump Administration… | watch

3/17/17 // Trump’s budget

Trump’s budget proposal takes aim at after school, heating assistance, and Meals on Wheels, his new Muslim ban is blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii, and a Times op-ed challenges parents of white… | listen

11/14/16 // Death is Death, Sex is Sex

The line between comfort and real life is made murkier than it is because of our inability to come to terms with hard reality. | read

10/5/16 // Climate Change and Children

An argument for having fewer kids to prevent climate change, inside the Pentagon's anti-drone exercises, and listener mail.   | listen

8/12/16 // Implementing Childhood Eating Habits

Total dietary sugar was cut from 28 percent to 10 percent, and fructose from 12 percent to 4 percent of total calories. | listen

8/11/16 // Individual Impact on Obese-related Diseases

Over the course of nine days, the children were provided food and beverages that mirrored the same fat, protein, carbohydrate and caloric levels as their home diets. | listen

8/10/16 // Building On Diabetes Research

Triglycerides dropped 33 percent and ApoC-III fell by 49 percent in just 10 days of sugar restriction. | listen

8/8/16 // Cutting Sugar Creates Rapid Health Effect

Study finds the effects of fructose can be reversed in obese children. | listen

6/23/16 // Shedding the Myth of the Nuclear Family

With half of American adults unmarried and 41 percent of children born into this dynamic, the paradigm is slowly shifting. BTR speaks to co-parenting advocate Dawn Pieke, and examines the myth of the nuclear family and the ways in which it is evolving. | read


In Helping Children Succeed, Paul Tough takes on a new set of pressing questions: What does growing up in poverty do to children’s mental and physical development? How does adversity at home affect their success in the classroom, from preschool to high school? And what practical steps can the… | listen

3/10/16 // Making Sense Of It All

We continue to learn that the drug shortages don't end at cancer treatment agents but also for milder diseases and illnesses too. | listen

11/18/15 // Trends in Adolencent Obesity

Everything from advertisement to undisclosed sugar additives in food are some of the leading causes of the childhood obesity epidemic in America. | listen

11/17/15 // Strategies Used in Food Advertising

Part 2 with a member of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health on the advertising strategies used by Food companies influencing obesity in children. | listen

10/16/15 // Printing a Future in 4D

Doctors save babies with first-ever 4D-printed biodegradable implants. Three infant boys who suffered from a life-threatening respiratory condition called tracheobronchomalacia are alive today. | read

9/2/15 // Adventure Nannies Assists Travel

Labor Week - We've discovered one more alternative travel option. It pays considerably well and often affords you perks that are probably out of your current pay grade, like luxury resort stays or weeks spent on a yacht. The only catch? Must love kids! | read

8/9/15 // Kids Learn From Twisted Tales

Happiness Week - It’s a common parental instinct to protect children from things they may not yet understand. Subjects that may elicit fright or confusion in a child are typically shielded, up until a certain age, at which a parent decides a child is mature enough to encounter such material. | read

8/3/15 // JazzReach in NYC

PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out JazzReach's Yes Indeed! in Madison Square Park. The event is meant for children to learn more about blues roots as well as "blues in the jazz context." | read

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