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3/16/17 // Preston Green on Charter Schools

Dr. Preston Green on how charter schools are like Enron, a look at the latest round of weirdos hired by Trump, and the BBC family speaks. Photo credit: Preston Green (Twitter) | listen

1/9/17 // Trump’s War on Public Education

Hints at what Trump's education policy might look like, Trump’s pick for DNI, and listener mail. Photo credit: Via Wikimedia | listen

10/20/16 // Trump Hires Koch Operator

Trump hires a Koch Brothers huckster to run voter intimidation campaign, Democrats are turning against charter schools for the first time, and listener mail.   | listen

9/30/16 // The gift and curse of smartphones in war zones

The gift and curse of smartphones in war zones, the annual charter school rally in New York City, and listener mail.   | listen

9/1/16 // Resistance to charter schools grows

The growing resistance to charter schools and the ed reform movement, and that awful article about how to talk to women with headphones on.   | listen

8/23/16 // Critiques of charters go mainstream

John Oliver covers charter schools, ISIS uses a child suicide bomber to attack a wedding in southern Turkey, and listener mail. | listen

8/10/16 // BLM calls for moratorium on charter schools

The Movement for Black Lives calls for a moratorium on charter schools, 50 Republican foreign policy elites come out against Trump, and listener mail.   Photo credit: via Wikimedia | listen

3/18/16 // John skypes in from Istanbul

John skypes in from Istanbul, a new study finds hundreds of charters are hyper segregated and overly punitive, the Times borks a Bernie story, and listener mail. | listen

2/5/16 // Is there a charter school education bubble?

How charter schools are the new subprime loans, the incorrect narrative that Obama lost the Iraq war, and listener mail. | listen

1/22/16 // Dahr Jamail on Navy Exercises in Pacific Northwest

Dahr Jamail joins us to discuss Navy exercises in the Pacific Northwest, a rough week for Success Academy, and listener mail. | listen

12/21/15 // The Got to Go List

The got to go list and the importance of keeping the most challenging students, and listener mail on education. | listen

11/17/15 // Anti-ISIS campaign expands, recorded before Paris attacks

The US enters a new phase in the war against ISIS, Boston looks to charterize 36 public schools, and listener mail. Today's show was recorded before the attacks in Paris. | listen

9/8/15 // Carter Won't Close GTMO

Secretary of Defense Carter is tepid on closing Guantanamo Bay, a historic victory against indefinite solitary confinement at Pelican Bay prison, and a liberal argument for charter schools falls short. | listen

9/1/15 // Yana Kunichoff on the Dyett hunger strike

Yana Kunichoff joins us to discuss the Dyett hunger strike for a public school in Chicago, homelessness amongst NYC’s children surges, and listener mail. | listen

8/27/15 // John and Molly catch up on the news

It’s our first show without a guest all month, so John and Molly can catch up on the news. Also, there’s always more listener mail! | listen

7/8/15 // Puncturing secrecy of Success Academy

Parents share their experiences with Success Academy, US law enforcement agencies have a shady relationship with a spyware company called Hacking Team, and listener mail. | listen

2/18/15 // NYC charter school discipline policy violate state and federal law

NYC charter school policy violates state and federal law, Beauty and the Beast, and listener mail. | listen

10/7/14 // Court ruling shutters Texas clinics

Andrea Grimes joins us to discuss a court ruling that will close all but eight abortion clinics in Texas, and charter schools protest a new school evaluation system in New York City. | listen

9/12/12 // Radio Dispatch

Joe Macare reports on the Chicago Teachers Union strike from the streets of Chicago, and gives context to the charter school movement. | listen

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