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6/23/17 // “All The Time” by Airpark

The Nashville-based brothers, bandmates, producers, and co-songwriters Michael Ford, Jr., and Ben Ford cut their teeth in the music industry with their previous band, The Apache Relay, which focused… | watch

4/12/17 // Ali // Tricking Her Siblings

In this episode, Ali talks about what it was like to be the oldest sister growing up. She shares stories of sibling rivalry and the initiation pranks she pulled after convincing her younger brother… | watch

1/11/16 // Levees

BTR chats with San Antonio band Levees about their debut EP, which borrows from the geography of the New Orleans swamps and deserts of San Antonio to create a unique blend of blues. | read

10/26/15 // Heartracer

On the current state of pop music and revisiting the golden age of the ‘80s. | listen

3/29/15 // Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour

Welcome ladies and gents to yet another edition of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. Don't forget you can download the GMBH podcast on iTunes just search for me, DJ Moguls. Phil Leadbetter, Rob McCoury, The Grass Cats, Pokey LaFarge, and The Gibson Brothers are all out on tour. I got new two… | listen

10/26/14 // Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour

I must say. I went to one of the best shows I've been at for a long time last Wednesday night. Three Vermont bands and one from Massachusetts, but it wasn't Bluegrass. It was 242 main street's 30th anniversary show making it the oldest "all ages" venue in America. The event was substance free. It… | listen

8/1/12 // The Wednesday Show

It’s all Lolla, all the time today on BTR with DJRePete, as he spins his an annual preview of the Lollapalooza Festival going down this weekend in Chicago’s Grant Park. Among the Lolla-exclusive BTR line-up: alternative from Bombay Bicycle Club, electronica crossover with Florence and The… | listen

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