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6/1/17 // Science Proves You’re Not as Think As You Drunk You Are

Turns out alcohol doesn't really turn you into a suave superhero. It's still delicious, though. | read

4/16/17 // Smoke Your Booze

Are you sick of plain old drinking? Try vaping your alcohol instead! | read

1/15/17 // Yes! An Official Shower Beer!

Finally, there's a beer designed specifically to drink in the shower. | read

1/11/17 // Weird Hangover Cures

Hangovers are inevitable, but here are some weird-ass ways to treat them. | read

1/10/17 // Make Your Own Booze

Now you can make your own alcohol at home with the press of a button... | read

10/30/16 // Delicious Halloween Treats

Uh oh, tomorrow is Halloween. And that means a whole lot of spooky treats are coming your way. | read

10/2/16 // Robot Bartender

Booze is awesome, bars are horrible. Now you can have expertly mixed cocktails without leaving the comfort of your own home, or lifting a finger. | read

9/3/16 // Uma's At Rockaway

Perfect beach food. | read

4/28/16 // Wine Cocktails

Drink more wine, in more ways! | read

3/10/16 // Rose Season

Spring is right around the corner, and do you know what what means? Rose baby, sweet sweet rose. | read

1/21/16 // Hot Toddy

As the holidays have thankfully come and gone, I suppose that it no longer “’Tis the season,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little festive with our beverages. | read

1/6/16 // Top 5 Things ...

People get pretty creative with cocktail concoctions, including everything from creatures to breakfast leftovers to body parts in their drinks. BTRtv’s Chelsea White has a list of the 5 weirdest ones out there! | watch

12/31/15 // Avoiding Your New Years Day Hangover

A hangover on New Years Day seems like an inevitable, if not horribly depressing, beginning to each new year. But 2016 doesn’t have to begin in a shame spiral! Use this tips to avoid your hangover altogether. | read

12/25/15 // Stress-Free Christmas Dinner

You might be in the mood to cook your loved ones an elaborate meal this Christmas. Unfortunately, sometimes creating a feast ends up causing you more stress than joy, which is the last thing anybody needs during the holidays. Follow these simple tips for a seamless dinner. | read

11/19/15 // Randolph Beer

On a quiet evening, visit Randolph Beer, in Nolita. It's the perfect cozy place to unwind after a tough week. | read

11/5/15 // The Drunken Tomato

This week if you're hung over you're in luck! We chat with Shelley Buchanan, Bloody Mary connoisseur and founder of The Drunken Tomato! | listen

10/29/15 // Are Booze Baths Another Fad?

After a long day, there’s almost nothing more satisfying than cracking open a bottle of beer or wine, sitting down, and putting your feet up, but some take this procedure a step further and extol the benefits of the “booze bath”--which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. | read

10/29/15 // Grandma's Apple Pie Shots

Grandma’s Apple Pie Shots are an interactive drink that require multiple coordinated instigators and a willing participant. They’re also shockingly delicious. | read

10/28/15 // Drink More Wine!

Sometimes your body needs a break from all that alcohol. That’s when you drink wine, babies! Sweet, sweet wine. Because we all know that doesn’t really count, right? | read

10/22/15 // Booze, Infused!

One of the easiest ways to elevate a delicious cocktail is by infusing your liquor base. Infusions are simple and versatile--limited only by your own imagination. So brainstorm your flavors and start experimenting! You’ll be enjoying your sophisticated concoctions for months to come. | read

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