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4/21/17 // Claire Geist Refuses To Be Defined

Claire Geist is the sort of woman who cannot be put into a neatly wrapped box. A model, photographer, software engineer, and fashion blogger, Claire has always been the type of woman who blazes her own trail. She talked to BTRtoday about how she got to where she is and what she is working on next. | read

1/21/16 // Fabulous Blogging

This week all bloggers tune in! We're getting a crash course with expert Julie Stoian, creator of Fabulous Blogging! | listen

1/18/16 // Tripper

This week we catch up with the founder of Tripper, a fabulous travel blog with a focus on offbeat travel! | listen

8/20/15 // BOTB: HowToMakeMyBlog

This week we get a lesson in expert blog creation with Marko Saric, author behind HowToMakeMyBlog! Saric will take us through finding the best topic, building an audience, creating compelling content, marketing, and more! | read

7/13/14 // Stop Textualizing Me - Social Week

Straight White Boys Texting (dot Tumblr dot com!) and the failure of all inclusive sex-positivity on the internet. | read

4/13/14 // Blue Ribbon and Free Speech Online - Blue Week

History and legacy of the EFF’s Blue Ribbon Campaign. | read

3/5/14 // Re-branding the Prisoner Image - Change Week

“I can take something like prison and make it into something positive,” says a graduate of the prison program, The Last Mile. | read

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