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4/13/17 // Dalia Mogahed, Part II: Separating Bigotry from Reform

Dalia Mogahed talks about the hope and difficulty of overcoming Islamophobia in the United States, as well as the need to separate the issue of bigotry from Islamic reform. | listen

3/20/17 // Why the Subreddit r/TwoXChromosomes Is Still Important

TwoXChromosomes was made a default subreddit almost three years ago, and has changed significantly. Its intended goal has been “watered down” by “drive-by participants.” | read

11/7/16 // Playing Devil's Advocate Doesn't Negate Bigotry

The ever-so-popular “devil’s advocates” are just doing the Lord’s (in a manner of speaking) work in advancing arguments they totally don’t mean and just want to throw out there in defense of those that need no defense. | read

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