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8/6/17 // Dr. Richard Barager — The Atheist and the Parrotfish

Doctors tend to the needs of their patients, but patients give meaning to the lives of their doctors. So it is for Cullen Brodie, a twice-divorced California nephrologist, and Ennis Willoughby, a troubled cross-dresser whose life is saved by a rare heart and kidney transplant. | listen

12/8/16 // Atheistic Science Searches for Meaning in the Universe

We chat with cosmologist, and atheist, Sean Carroll about atheism in the cosmologist community. | read

12/12/13 // Third Eye Weekly

It's Network Week on BTR! On today's show, architect, urban planner, and author Alex Garvin talks to us about the best and worst in planning America's cities. And later, we're talking with theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, the star of a new documentary called "The Unbelievers"… | listen

11/16/13 // To Caesar What is Ceasar's - Fanaticism Week

Looking at the connection between atheism and statism, Bill Maher, and how we treat each other. | read

8/29/13 // For the Sake of Argument - "Secularists: Why We Need to be Different"

A critical look at the divide between religious and non-religious people. | read

8/8/13 // Defining Atheism - Cult Week

The culture of atheism as an activist force, personal definition, and general philosophy. | read

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