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7/13/16 // Meet the First Robot Screenwriter

So what happens when a movie gets made by a robot? BTRtoday sits down with filmmaker Oscar Sharp and his collaborator Ross Goodwin to discuss. | read

7/11/16 // Measuring the Impact of CrossFit

The athletic exercise training program CrossFit emerged in the earlier 2000s and experienced an enormous boon in popularity, but it certainly has its physical downsides. | read

7/4/16 // Raising the Barre

Combining the exercises and stretching of yoga, Pilates, and ballet, barre classes are growing in popularity. | read

7/4/16 // Death Valley Girls

Ladies and gentlemen, go-go listen to the Death Valley Girls! They're the L.A.-based band with all the loving tenderness of a buzz saw and a '60's-pop sound with a punk rock kick. | read

7/3/16 // Women Dealing with Misogyny in the Music Industry

This is just a glimpse of what females in music deal with daily. | read

7/1/16 // Your Guide to E3 2016

BTRtoday gives you the rundown of the three biggest presentations at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, from a slamming new Xbox to exciting developments in virtual reality experiences. | read

6/30/16 // Fighting Prejudice With Conversation

Campaign canvassing that aims to reduce voter prejudices toward transgender individuals appears to be working through conversation. | read

6/23/16 // Shedding the Myth of the Nuclear Family

With half of American adults unmarried and 41 percent of children born into this dynamic, the paradigm is slowly shifting. BTR speaks to co-parenting advocate Dawn Pieke, and examines the myth of the nuclear family and the ways in which it is evolving. | read

6/22/16 // A Life with Kubrick

Emilio D’Alessandro served as a personal assistant to film icon Stanley Kubrick for more than 30 years. BTRtoday takes a special look into what the world-renowned director was really like, and some of the most important lessons he imparted to his best friend. | read

6/21/16 // Where Are All of the Bisexuals?

Society repeatedly leaves bisexuality out of conversations surrounding human sexuality, often going to absurd lengths to rationalize people into the dichotomy of gay and straight. | read

6/17/16 // Humans Versus Robots... So Who Wins?

Whether it's scaling imperial walkers, uploading viruses or dismantling walls, we always seem to break out of the machine. BTRtoday takes a look at some of the most ingenious ways humans have outsmarted robots in science fiction films. | read

6/13/16 // Swapping Bodies and Minds

BeAnotherLab is a collective of artists, programmers, neuroscientists, and social activists that uses VR technology to investigate human empathy. | read

6/13/16 // Rey Pila

Rey Pila is the adolescent child of Depeche Mode and David Bowie that was raised by wild Iggy Pop! This week we interview lead singer, Diego Solórzano and listen to their album "The Future Sugar." | read

6/11/16 // Can a Third Party Candidate Win?

Third party presidential candidates are as old as elections themselves, but the money and organization required to run an effective campaign make it almost impossible to compete. | read

6/10/16 // Bad Orb

Meet the one-of-a-kind band able to hit everybody somewhere deep down—no matter what genre of music they’re into. They’re called Bad Orb, and they’ll rock your world. | read

6/7/16 // The Smaller The Festival The Better

Welcome to the world of exclusive and boutique festivals! No more 100,000 people at a campsite and hour-long waits to get a beer. Smaller music festivals are for the true music lover. | read

6/6/16 // Commuting With a Workout

London fitness club 1Rebel is rolling out a new program of high intensity spin classes on commuter buses. | read

6/3/16 // The Secret Soul of Film is Sound

What is film like from the perspective of the composer, who must tap into these very subtle mechanics, harness magic and elevate the craft? BTR speaks to indie film composer Keegan DeWitt on the body, mind and soul of a film. | read

6/1/16 // Starving For Change

Young men from the US were starved for six months to help experts decide how to treat victims of mass starvation in Europe--What transpired has informed discussions of food deprivation ever since. | read

5/30/16 // Traveling Alone As A Woman

Traveling solo is particularly important for women, if they have the means and opportunity. It’s also unsurprisingly complicated by gender, though by no means is it irrevocably ruined. | read

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