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2/20/18 // Matthew Eric Mendez

Matthew Eric Mendez is a Texas-based artist, curator and writer who travels the western landscape with his sculptural performance art project, Ghost Orchid Cube. Matthew received his MA in Art… | listen

10/31/17 // Zac Hacmon

Zac Hacmon is an Israeli-born artist whose sculptures represent structures that explores the relationship between the human body and architecture. Zac studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design… | listen

10/3/17 // Jessica Angel

Jessica Angel is a New York-based artist whose large scale installations are inspired by astronomy, architecture and the underlying structural patterns between these varying fields. | listen

6/13/17 // Nick Mehedin

Nick Mehedin is a New York based photographer whose work explores ideas of home, patriotism, travel, space and labor. Nick received his BFA in photography from the State University of New York at New… | listen

9/6/16 // McMansion Hell

This week: Writer Kate Wagner discusses her research and fascination with architecture's greatest monstrosity: The McMansion. Her website, McMansion Hell, provides comprehensive and hilarious… | listen

7/5/16 // Manufacturing Home

Photographer Amy Eckert talks about her collage work and her photography project, Manufacturing Home. For the project Amy photographed the interiors of model mobile homes around the U.S. | listen

6/21/16 // Spontaneous Urban Plants

Landscape architect David Seiter talks about his new project: Spontaneous Urban Plants: Weeds in NYC. David is interested in how weeds might be used by landscape designers and urban planners to improve our cities. David is the design director and founding principle of Future Green Studio. | listen

5/31/16 // You Belong to the Universe

Artist, writer, and self-described experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats talks about his new book, "You Belong to the Universe: Buckminster Fuller and the Future." In the book Jonathon examines some of Fuller's most well known inventions, like the Dymaxion Car, as well as some obscure ones, like… | listen

5/17/16 // A Burglar's Guide to the City

Geoff Manaugh talks about his new book A Burglar's Guide to the City. The book poses the question: How do we see a building or the city differently if we view it through the eyes of someone trying to to rob it? Throughout A Burglar's Guide we hear about heists and getaways, architects turned bank… | listen

12/3/15 // Viciously Sweet

This week we catch up with architect and illustrator Lauren Hollaway, creator of Viciously Sweet! | listen

12/1/15 // Sub-Urbanisms

Stephen Fan is a designer and adjunct assistant professor in the Art History and Architectural Studies department at Connecticut College. His latest project is a traveling exhibition and book called Sub-Urbanisms: Casino Urbanization, Chinatowns and the Contested American Landscape. The project… | listen

11/10/15 // Carolyn Russo

Photographer Carolyn Russo has been traveling the world photographing the architecture of air traffic control towers. These essential, but often overlooked, structures are the subject of Carolyn's new book and National Air and Space Museum exhibition Art of the Airport Tower. | listen

9/21/15 // Julika

This week we explore travel through history and chat with art historian Julika, author of the blog Sateless Suitcase! Plus I give you my top five most historically relevant world destinations! | listen

6/15/15 // The Cloisters Museum

PHOTOBLOG: The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art displaying medieval art and architecture. It has been open to the public since 1938. Pieces of five separate European monasteries or convents were shipped to the United States and reassembled to create what is currently The… | read

5/4/15 // The Meatpacking District

PHOTOBLOG: BTR explores NYC's Meatpacking District, which has evolved over the years into one of the city's most interesting neighborhoods. Though many of the meat distribution companies that once occupied the area no longer exist, this area of Manhattan retains it's name. | read

3/31/15 // Art Uncovered - Amy Franceschini

Amy Franceschini is an artist and one of the founders of Future Farmers, an collective of artists, designers, architects, and thinkers who share an interest in places and how we live in them today. Future Farmers projects come in many shapes and sizes from museum exhibitions, site specific… | listen

3/13/15 // Live Tiny

New Economy Week – How much space do you actually need to live happily? | read

2/13/15 // Sew & Tell

Join me this week for a conversation with Jenny Wu, an architect with Oyler Wu Collaborative and designer behind a new line of jewelry called LACE. Jenny’s beautifully intricate necklaces, earrings and rings have incredible drama and delicacy, and are created entirely through the process of 3-D… | listen

12/2/14 // Art Uncovered - Bradley L. Garrett

Bradley Garrett is a photographer, researcher and accomplished Urban Explorer. About 7 years ago Bradley left his job as an archeologist studying ancient cities, and moved to London to do a phd on urban exploration. He quickly realized that exploring the hidden spaces of the urban present was a much… | listen

10/18/14 // Soft and Hairy Cities

Future Week - How Biodesign, mental health, and physical activity influence architectural advances. | read

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