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6/22/17 // NASA Again Promises Aliens and Doesn’t Deliver

Stop toying with us, NASA. You’re the boy who cried aliens one too many times. | read

10/20/16 // Finding Aliens with FAST

Jim Jackson discusses the possibility of finding aliens with FAST, developing moon and Mars capabilities, and the international astronomy landscape. | listen

9/19/16 // Aliens

Brooke gets real serious with this month’s tubmate, James III, to talk about aliens. Aliens? Yes: Aliens. Aliens in real life. Aliens in the movies. And aliens in our memories… maybe? | watch

8/13/16 // Taking a Walk With People From The Stars

Ever felt like you’re not from this world? Well, maybe you’re not! BTRtoday talks with "Starseed" alliance creator and alien abductee psychologist to find out more about these other worldly people. | read

12/1/15 // An Idiot's Guide to Classifying Planets

Researchers propose a new way to classify habitable alien worlds. | read

10/29/15 // Mystery Week

What is it that drives people to put themselves in frightening situations? Why do we enjoy being scared? | listen

9/10/14 // The Wednesday Show

DJRePete marks 9 years on the air today with a mix comprised of artists from over the past several years including folk from Neko Case, electronica remixes with Florence and the Machine, and beats by Ugly Duckling. Plus, revisit Remix Artist Collective with spins on You Say Party! We Say Die! as… | listen

12/19/12 // The Year in Scientific Firsts - First Time Week

Some of the more amazing scientific discoveries made in 2012. | read

12/11/12 // Apocalypse Someday - Future Week

Some of the ways in which our world might come to a terrible, disastrous end. | read

11/21/12 // The Wednesday Show

DJRePete inches you closer to the holiday weekend and is thankful for great music Wednesday. Check out a music mix featuring brand new Of Montreal, Dirty Projectors, and Maia Vidal. Plus, hit up info on a pair of New Zealand shows between the holidays, including a festival for The Presets and a New… | listen

10/31/12 // Trailing the Toynbee Tiles - Unsolved Mysteries Week

The strange case of the Toynbee Tiles and those trying to track their origin. | read

10/19/11 // The Wednesday Show

CMJ is upon us in New York City, and if you can’t be there, BTR’s got you covered today, as DJRePete’s spinning an all-College Music Journal mix previewing the BTR talent playing the festival. Tune in for alt rock from Zambri and the Dum Dum Girls, electronica crossover via Clubfeet and… | listen

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