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11/2/17 // Hugh Howey - Machine Learning: New and Collected Stories

A new collection of stories, including some that have never before been seen, from the New York Times best selling author of the Silo trilogy | listen

5/23/17 // Replika Straddles the Line Between Creepy and Cool

The chatbot app was created as an AI version of a person’s personality. | read

3/17/17 // Do Computers Talk About Electric Sheep?

Can we finally outsource smalltalk? | read

2/10/17 // Online Poker 2.0 Uses Artificial Intelligence

Computers can play poker, but are they capable of developing a crippling gambling addiction? | read

1/31/17 // Humans Need Not Apply

We already know that technology is creating a dearth in the job market for manufacturing and service jobs. However, these advances are also beginning to affect the creative industry. | read

1/20/17 // Fakebook

Facebook has been developing ways to combat fake news. Part of the plan relies on reporting from users, but Facebook is also working on software that will remove fake news automatically. BTR looks at how this software works and what implications this might have for social media. | read

12/23/16 // Santa Claus Tech

Santa Claus might take a few ideas from the real world in order to give toys to boys and girls. | read

12/12/16 // Global Warming

Brooke's style in this episode could be described as "depressed stream of consciousness." The reality of global warming has been setting in since she first saw AI: Artificial Intelligence, and just… | watch

8/19/16 // The Future of Self-Driving Cars is Almost Here

Ford Motors has promised to get self-driving cars on the road in the next five years. By 2021, the company wants driverless vehicles to be the norm. | read

8/5/16 // Robot Fights Against Parking Tickets

In the cities of London and New York, parking tickets are handed out like candy. But there is someone new to help fight these tickets off. This support comes in the form of a robot called DoNotPay, who assists people in disputing their parking tickets. | read

6/17/16 // Humans Versus Robots... So Who Wins?

Whether it's scaling imperial walkers, uploading viruses or dismantling walls, we always seem to break out of the machine. BTRtoday takes a look at some of the most ingenious ways humans have outsmarted robots in science fiction films. | read

4/15/16 // Empathy for the Machine

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise with recent developments, but what are the implications? Are smart, sexy robots going to take over the world? BTRtoday takes a closer look. | read

4/2/16 // Scotch & Cinema: Ex Machina

This week we review the riveting British artificial intelligence flick "Ex Machina". | listen

11/8/15 // Robophilia Speculations Arise

Synergy Week – Some predict that robophilia is the way of the future, while others argue against the ethics of sex robots. It’s hard to say for certain what year the practice could, should, or would eventually settle into society’s status quo--or by what terms tomorrow’s haters will bash it.… | read

4/27/15 // Embrace the Singularity

Nerd Week - Singularity University is a cutting edge school and think-tank solving the world’s biggest problems. BTR talks with the school’s Aaron Frank about their ongoing endeavors. | read

4/5/14 // Big Brother on the Border - Anonymity Week

Virtual guards and AI to secure our borders. | read

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