Rebecca Chodorkoff

Location: NYC // With BTR Since: 2015

Rebecca Chodorkoff hails from rural Vermont, where she grew up exploring the wilderness, eating vegetables from her mom's garden, and improvising elaborate duets with her sister during long car-rides. She received her BA in American Studies from Vassar College in 2013 and currently resides in NYC. When she isn't writing, she loves traveling, playing basketball, and singing in her band.

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8/13/17 // Vegetarianism Is Making You Depressed

Vegetarian and vegan diets are arguably more environmentally friendly than meat based ones. But a recent study suggests they also might be making you sad. | read

8/6/17 // Delivering the Death of Supermarkets

Millennials want instant gratification. Online grocery shopping is one of many ways to provide this. Are we headed towards the death of supermarkets? | read

7/30/17 // I Ate Grasshopper Ice Cream So You Don’t Have To

Are you brave enough to eat insect ice cream? An ice cream shop in the Village is serving up grasshoppers instead of sprinkles. Delicious, or just creepy? | read

7/23/17 // You Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

Millennials love spicy food, so brands everywhere are upping their game to make sure that their products pack some heat. | read

7/16/17 // Brandless Is The Non-Brand You Never Knew You Needed

If you’re broke and boring, $3 essentials are exciting. Today, $9 juices and $14 artisanal jars of almond butter are the norm. Millennials want specialized products, and they’re willing to pay… | read

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