Goodwill Employees Find a Bunch of Weed

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Dank Depot.

Goodwill Employees Find a Bunch of Weed

by Rebecca Chodorkoff | What The Actual Fuck | Mar 18, 2017

Goodwill is a wonderful staple in America: a nonprofit organization that provides employment, job training, and affordable home items and clothing to people all across the country. They receive countless donations that they use to stock their shops, including shoes, clothes, furniture, and–as of just a few days ago–a huge amount of weed?

In a Goodwill store in Monroe, Wash., employees were going about their regular duties and sorting through donations when they came across five large bags of marijuana.

The haul amounted to almost four pounds! In Washington it is currently legal to possess weed, but only in amounts up to an ounce. This surprise stash was approximately 60 times over the legal limit. Workers found the bags tucked away inside of a donated cooler.

Rather than pocket the weed and resign themselves to a day of eating Oreos and watching “Top Chef” as some might have done, they instead responsibly called the police, who came to the store and took some pretty silly posed photographs next to the evidence.

Since intervening, the police have had a tough time identifying the origins of the illicit paraphernalia; it’s difficult pinning the cooler to an owner, because it’s unclear where exactly the item was dropped off for donation. However, there are plenty of folks coming forward on social media claiming that the contents belong to them, and requesting a swift return.

Apparently it’s pretty standard for Goodwill workers to come across overlooked things while going through their merchandise. Loose change and jewelry are pretty standard, but obviously this particular find was a bit out of the ordinary.

Leave it to a stoner to lose four pounds of weed. What the actual fuck?