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Mug Enjoying New Life as Desk Pen Holder

by Joe Virgillito | Apr 26, 2017

It thought beverages would fill its life with meaning, but writing utensils work just as well.

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Man Reluctantly Subscribes to Roommate's Podcast

by Joe Virgillito | Apr 19, 2017

He subscribed despite the fact that it would completely clog up his feed and likely sap the last of his phone's remaining storage.

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Trump's Plan for Syria Includes New Line of T-Shirts, Hats

by Joe Virgillito | Apr 12, 2017

The statement offered no specific details as to the scale or type of intervention planned, but that military action was being prepared “behind the scenes.”

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Respectful Discussion Prevails in Facebook Comments Section

by Joe Virgillito | Apr 5, 2017

The thread featured tasteful exchanges between commenters and a respectful expression of differing viewpoints.

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White House Says Trump Playing “Limited Role” as President

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 29, 2017

The statement was released in an effort to downplay ties with Russia.

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Special Report: My Mother's Red Sauce Better Than Your Mother's

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 22, 2017

No disrespect, but it's not even close.

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Man Drunkenly Harassing People on Train Actually Wants Everyone to Love Each Other

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 15, 2017

“No one pays attention, no one loves in this city anymore.”

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Winter: I'm Still Here, You Pricks

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 8, 2017

Oh, you're ready for spring? Fuck off.

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