Tune Up
Musicians have got a lot going on—so listen up.
Dream Wife’s ready to break up the boy’s club of pop punk.
Instead of going through Hoops, just chill out with them instead.
Long breaks with his indie rock style to create synth and sample driven solo project
Meet the synth-rock, Brit-pop band from Halifax, Nova Scotia—Walrus.
New Candys make music bursting with visual flavor--we chat new album & lots more!
After wrestling with a laptop and a couple of instruments for years, Evan Klar's eerie and appealing debut is ready for the world.…
The song premiere for Freddie Nunez's old-school country influenced "Nights In This Town"--check it out here.
Pow Pow Family Band knows that all is right when they’re playing music—not just alright.
BTRtoday is delighted to debut Jonny Couch's new video "The Haunting," a perfect punk rock Halloween treat.
This NYC band will turn those hollers of terror into some gritty punk rock that’ll haunt your sleep.
A pop punk interview perfect for those w/ short attention spans or are maybe a little too high--meet The Dirty Nil.
Joy Again go from fast punk to catchy pop with computer effects and distortion.
Coyote Run conjures lingering memories of lost loves and that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach.
Suburban Birds make music for people on long drives who like to stare out the window and imagine music videos.
Metalleg is the sound of musicians never wanting to stop.
BIRDS take flight with psychedelic feel and catchy melodies galore.
Mammút's sound is a mix of comping breathy vocals, eerie synth and unexpectedly danceable beats; you’ll go from bopping to…
Get lost in nostalgia with NYC’s Ryan Foster’s solo project.
This party is like your birthday, plus New Year's Eve, plus your senior prom, plus your wedding all in one night.
Abraham King's new music is still melancholic and passionate but has a new kick and energy.
Center yourself by pressing play on Native Sun’s new single “Palindrome.”
The Off White know how to launch a road trip in style: chasing whiskey with brine.
Rebecca Mimiaga, aka Louiza, gets sarcastic and sassy in her newest track “Party Trick.”
Van Dammes’ music freezes hell over. With their robust guitar solos and wild drumbeats, they reach into the deepest, darkest…
They’ll rescue emus, shriek at spiders and bring back grunge all in one night--they're as exciting as wrestling a crocodile.
The Pittsburgh duo does dad rock right. Maybe we should call it dad punk?
Fang Wizard doesn't plan anything. They just do it.
The former rhythm section of beloved garden state group Dentist, Rudy Meier and Nick Kaelblein, have created a sound that mixes…
BTRtoday premieres No Nets’ “Lucky One” touching video.
With only two singles out from the upcoming album Monsters Never Die (July 7), they’re proving that you don’t have to be a Dr.…
Harvey Lush offers an oasis of exotic instrumentation that’s more common to an orchestra than a pop band.
Baby Shakes serves up a combustible mix of pop and punk they're calling pop ’n’ roll. Meet your new favorite band.
Holly Overton recently shared her latest album with Midnight People at Sunnyvale for the release of “Every New Day.”
Meet the ultimate Brooklyn solo-artist, Wolf Diamond—he shreds; you swoon.
We chat w/ NYC music pioneers Sharkmuffin, and, boy oh boy, do they have a killer record coming out May 5--check it out!
Bleeding Knees Club is a garage, pop-punk Australian band that was on a small hiatus until recently. Now, they are back with a…
Reneé Orshan, a.k.a. RÉN (pronounced rain), is a confident, feminine, indie goddess from New York. She has a stage presence that…
These twin brothers bring the vibes of the West Coast and theatrical inspirations to their rock band, Little Person—check ‘em…
On the government support of Canadian musicians, performing at SXSW, and origami spider art.
Otis Mountain Get Down is a three day music festival in the Adirondack Mountains that features up-and-coming bands of all sorts!
This is a group that sits well with the King Pizza family, consisting of bands like The Unders, Garbage Brain, and The Jeanies.
The Molochs are a band that hits everyone in the right spots. Their music has everything you could want—a little darkness, a…
A band of strong and motivated ladies, Ex-Girlfriends take their art seriously while never failing to have a great time. Their…
Don’t try to make meaning of the name, just listen. You’ll hear music that sets off all of your triggers and strokes all of…
Ariana van Gelder is an ambient artist in Brooklyn, New York who calls her style “Dream Drone.” She is an intelligent and…
Meet the new generation’s LCD Soundsystem—Palm Springsteen. They bring the best of both coasts for you to dance your woes…
They’re just three protozoa that crawled out from under the pillars of creation and picked up instruments. But what happened…
On James Joyce's "fuckbird," why the Cake Shop is awesome, and how to start a band from scratch.
On meeting at an orgy, using depression to write, and odd time signatures.
On playing hot potato with instruments, lyrical patterns, and staying focused and positive.
Meet the mystical-psychedelic dreamer Dean Cercone. An artist and a musician—he’s giving the world a completely unique form of…