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Tune-Up covers all things music and anything can go. Song or video premieres, tour announcements, insider views from the music industry or events from the eyes of the artist. And always accompanied by an interview.

Wake Up To The Rock ‘N’ Roll Sounds Of BIRDS

by Elena Childers | Sep 8, 2017

BIRDS take flight with psychedelic feel and catchy melodies galore.

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Iceland's Mammút Comes To NYC

by Elena Childers | Sep 1, 2017

Mammút's sound is a mix of comping breathy vocals, eerie synth and unexpectedly danceable beats; you’ll go from bopping to synth pop to head banging to dark metal in just one track.

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Snuggle Up To Warm Body And Listen To The Premiere of ‘Cold Summer’

by Elena Childers | Aug 25, 2017

Get lost in nostalgia with NYC’s Ryan Foster’s solo project.

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High Waisted’s LSD-Inspired Annual Booze Cruise Sails Again

by Elena Childers | Aug 17, 2017

This party is like your birthday, plus New Year's Eve, plus your senior prom, plus your wedding all in one night.

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Drool Over Abraham King’s New Track “Spit”

by Elena Childers | Aug 11, 2017

Abraham King's new music is still melancholic and passionate but has a new kick and energy.

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Balance Your Yin And Yang With Native Sun

by Elena Childers | Aug 4, 2017

Center yourself by pressing play on Native Sun’s new single “Palindrome.”

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The Off-White Get Pickled With Pickle Juice (And Answer Some Questions)

by Elena Childers | Jul 27, 2017

The Off White know how to launch a road trip in style: chasing whiskey with brine.

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Premiering Louiza’s Feisty New Track “Party Trick”

by Elena Childers | Jul 19, 2017

Rebecca Mimiaga, aka Louiza, gets sarcastic and sassy in her newest track “Party Trick.”

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Van Dammes Raise Hell In Helsinki

by Elena Childers | Jul 14, 2017

Van Dammes’ music freezes hell over. With their robust guitar solos and wild drumbeats, they reach into the deepest, darkest parts of their listeners' souls. The four-piece garage band hail…

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