Top Five Instagram Accounts to Get You Pumped

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Fitness: Top Five Instagram Accounts to Get You Pumped

by Joe Wasserman | Life & Times | May 6, 2017

You can do more than just wallow on social media. Beyond merely offering endless Tank.Sinatra and Beige Cardigan posts, Instagram can inspire positive thinking and motivation for almost anything.

With summer and beach season around the corner, here are five of the best Instagram accounts to motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

1) Quick Fitness Meals: Looking for cheap, simple, and healthy meals for lean eating? Quick Fitness Meals is your huckleberry. Instead of paying for Hello Fresh or Blue Apron subscriptions, Quick Fitness Meals has hundreds of posts including recipes ranging from Greek yogurt breakfast bark to loaded guacamole vegetarian tacos. Scrolling through this account will make you put down the phone and hop behind the stove. 

2) Gym Rat Memes: Gym Rat Memes can give you a lift without needing to pick up a single weight. Its humorous commentary on gym culture is all gain and no pain.  Drink up this protein shake worth of funny, relatable pictures about how much leg day sucks and go hard with laughs. 

3) Ryan Day: A self-proclaimed “drinker with a running problem,” Ryan Day’s account features great brews to accompany followers’ running accomplishments. Day’s Instagram shows you don’t have to cut the hops and barley to run farther and be healthy. 

4) MindBodyGreen: When it’s time to get centered, this feed features inspirational quotes, energizing yoga routines, recipes and more. MindBodyGreen is the ultimate Instagram account for rising above the doldrums to the clouds. Even if the quotes don’t hit home, the beautiful aesthetic is in every picture, making for a scenic route wherever you go.

5) The Rock: Besides having fitness posts that would motivate a person who’s never seen a dumbbell, the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has hysterical captions highlighting his extremely busy everyday life. Between finding out what the Rock is cooking and his most recent gym routines, follow this account to stay informed about one of Hollywood’s top performers current and upcoming projects.