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Can Greenie Make Environmentalism Fun?

by Harmon Leon | Jul 17, 2017

The new app Greenie puts a new spin on saving the planet.

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The Struggle Of Running Is Real. But So Are The Rewards.

by Cat Bradley | Jul 15, 2017

Your first run will feel like torture. Then it gets much, much better.

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Racism Keeps America From Embracing K-Pop Awesomeness

by Jeff Nazareno | Jul 13, 2017

Does cultural conditioning keep Asians from becoming stars in America?

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EyeEm Selects and Its AI Photo Helper Curates Your Phone's Photo Gallery

by Harmon Leon | Jul 10, 2017

In the age of Instagram, everyone wants to be a star photographer and garner “likes” from social networks. EyeEm Selects gives chance to sell your images and make some cash as well as social media acclaim.

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Micromanage Your Life With the If That Then This (IFTTT) App

by Harmon Leon | Jul 5, 2017

IFTTT is a simple idea that could revolutionize our digital lives. Or at least the way you program your daily schedule.

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Woebot: Why Won’t You Listen?

by Harmon Leon | Jun 28, 2017

A chatbot therapist provides little relief.

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What Happens When Introverts Meditate?

by Kimberly Ruth | Jun 24, 2017

Social gatherings used to make me ill. I’d rather sit for an hour in traffic than make small talk. Yes, alcohol helped. But after college I knew I had to find a better way to deal with my…

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Here Comes Iron Stache

by Joe Virgillito | Jun 21, 2017

A Wisconsin steelworker is challenging Paul Ryan's Congressional seat. And he seems like the coolest normal guy in America.

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We Can’t Afford Guns Anymore

by Taia Handlin | Jun 21, 2017

There have been about 153 mass shootings this year alone. America's love of guns is destroying us.

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