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Daily feature articles by the BTRtoday editorial staff and contributing writers.

Venmo Etiquette, From Food to Financial Domination

by Taia Handlin | Mar 15, 2018

When is it okay to charge someone on the money app? And what can you do about weirdos that don’t have it?

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How Democrats Pulled an Upset in The PA-18 Special Election

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 14, 2018

With a race in the national spotlight, Connor Lamb etched out a narrow victory by staying focused on his district, not DC.

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Black Panther's POC Appeal Made it a Blockbuster

by Daniel D'Ambrosio | Mar 14, 2018

The majority black cast blockbuster tapped into an enthusiastic African American audience through savvy marketing. Will Hollywood notice?

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Rex Tillerson Totally Maybe Wasn’t Fired Over Russian Comments

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 13, 2018

When Twitter starts connecting dots, you might have a full-blown conspiracy on your hands.

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Betsy DeVos Wins Dumbest Cabinet Member of the Week

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 13, 2018

During her '60 Minutes' interview the Education Secretary proved as grossly incompetent as we already knew she was.

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Does VO2 Max Make Sense For You?

by Cat Bradley | Mar 12, 2018

For pro athletes, determining their aerobic endurance in a lab setting can be an essential tool. But it’s not for everybody.

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Make An Instagram-Perfect Cocktail

by Kate Kolenda | Mar 11, 2018

Here’s everything you need to know about the season’s most eye-catching drink

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Test-Driving The Arturia DrumBrute

by Adam Bulger | Mar 10, 2018

The analog percussion machine could take a lifetime to master its options and setting. But also it’s fun right out of the box.

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Congestion Remedies

by Joe Virgillito | Mar 9, 2018

The cold hard truth about what it takes to get all that snot out.

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