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NYC’s ‘This Is Real’ Tied Us Up And Threw Us In A Psycho Killer’s Den

by Joe Virgillito | Sep 21, 2017

Two BTRtoday writers were rattled to their cores by an immersive horror experience.

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Punk Band Zex Talks Their New Split Record with Beyoncé

by Elena Childers | Sep 20, 2017

A pressing error has Beyoncé and a Canadian punk band sharing a vinyl release. Bey wouldn't return our calls, but here's what the punk band had to say.

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Dear Infowars: I Want To Work For You

by Joe Virgillito | Sep 20, 2017

I want to bathe in liberal tears and pure, unadulterated truth. I want to work for Infowars.

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A Family Planning App That Actually Works

by Taia Handlin | Sep 20, 2017

I give this app my very hesitant approval. But have condoms by the bedside and always be responsible.

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Do You Know How Much Plastic You’re Drinking?

by Joe Virgillito | Sep 19, 2017

A new investigation found that 94 percent of water tested in the United States was contaminated with plastics. Even the lowest contamination rates—found among European countries—clocked in at a whopping 72 percent.

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Can You Work a Desk Job And Still Maintain Fitness Goals?

by Cat Bradley | Sep 18, 2017

While sitting at a desk for long periods is standard for the modern day workforce, computer-bound occupations should no longer be an excuse for avoiding exercise.

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The Ultimate Depression-Fighting Fitness Playlist

by Taia Handlin | Sep 18, 2017

The Underground Trainers suggest pulse-raising tunes for a stress-reducing, music-fueled workout.

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The Bloodiest Non-Meat Burger is Ready for Battle

by Tamara Holt | Sep 17, 2017

Made from processed plants and bio-engineered vegetable blood, this Silicon-valley burger is attempting to disrupt meat.

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iPhone Releases, Today and Yesterday

by Harmon Leon | Sep 16, 2017

To salute the X and the history of this wonderful device, we chart past iPhones and what was toted as the hot new feature.

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