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The Sexual Assault Allegations That Would Hurt the Most

by Joe Virgillito | Dec 15, 2017

Hearing that these men did wrong would be crushing

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Walmart Is Selling A Weed Tree. Seriously

by Taia Handlin | Dec 14, 2017

The store has a new buyer and her name is Mary Jane

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Doug Jones vs. Roy Moore: Five Takeaways

by Joe Virgillito | Dec 13, 2017

Important things to remember about the Alabama special election.

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Early 2000s Music Videos You Loved, But You Now Realize Are Sexist

by Elena Childers | Dec 13, 2017

MTV was a different place in the early 2000s...

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Are New Yorkers Resilient or Just Annoyed?

by Joe Virgillito | Dec 13, 2017

The city toes the line between toughness and apathy

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The Kinky Star Wars Sex Toys For Your Inner Sith

by Taia Handlin | Dec 12, 2017

Keep the Force going all night long.

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Make The Fridge Your Fitness Ally

by Cat Bradley | Dec 11, 2017

Eating takeout for every meal isn’t doing you any favors. Load up the icebox with healthy staples to keep your nutrition on track.

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Eight Must-Have Holiday Cooking Bookmarks

by Tamara Holt | Dec 10, 2017

Don’t start your holiday cooking without these online recipe resources

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The Year in Apps

by Adam Bulger | Dec 9, 2017

Human beings across the world all spent a lot of 2017 staring down at our phones. Here are some of the best reason why.

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