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Daily feature articles by the BTRtoday editorial staff and contributing writers.

NASA Again Promises Aliens and Doesn’t Deliver

by Taia Handlin | Jun 22, 2017

Stop toying with us, NASA. You’re the boy who cried aliens one too many times.

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Shakespeare Fans Laugh Off Protesters

by Taia Handlin | Jun 19, 2017

Shakespeare in the Park theatergoers are mostly unimpressed by Trump supporter protesters.

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Flesh Hooking Pulls Into Mermaid Parade

by Taia Handlin | Jun 16, 2017

A new fetish involving people getting pierced and suspended comes to Brooklyn.

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Father's Day Special: Building a Better Dad Rock Playlist

by Adam Bulger | Jun 16, 2017

This Father's Day, give Creedence Clearwater Revival and Led Zeppelin the day off. Freshen up the dad rock playlist by sprinkling in some deep cuts and newer tunes.

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Fox News Men Can’t Shut Up

by Taia Handlin | Jun 15, 2017

I used an app to tally how much the network’s men dominate conversations. Big shocker: it’s a lot.

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I Re-Watched The Babadook And Now I’m Babashook

by Elena Childers | Jun 14, 2017

It seems ridiculous to juxtapose a movie monster with gay rights. But maybe it’s not as ridiculous as it seems.

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Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Is The Ultimate Revenge Fantasy

by Taia Handlin | Jun 13, 2017

OITNB takes place during a prison riot that turns the table on gender and power.

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Emily Haines Announces New Solo Album

by Elena Childers | Jun 12, 2017

The Metric and Broken Social Scene singer again strike out on her own, and we're more than thrilled.

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The Grateful Dead’s Legacy of Awful Music

by Adam Bulger | Jun 12, 2017

In honor of the new documentary on The Dead, we revisited the band's music. Now we have a lot of regrets.

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