Delicious Halloween Treats

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Uh oh, tomorrow is Halloween. And that means a whole lot of spooky treats are coming your way.

If you live in the West Village, like me, you’ll be spending the duration of the day bunkering down in your apartment, in order to avoid that crazed madness that is the Village Halloween Parade. I know it sounds like fun and games, but trust me, this event is downright terrifying. I’d rather stay inside, thank you.

That said, I don’t want to miss out on the Halloween festivities entirely! So, I’ll be doing what I know how to do best: cooking, and then eating my masterful creations. This time though, I’ll of course integrate a whimsical Halloween twist to my dishes. Here’s what I’ll be making.

1. Pasta with Red Sauce and Sausage: Not only is this a classic comfort food dish, perfect for some of the first chilly days of fall, it also perfectly represents blood and guts! The sausage looks just like an intestine, (and, let’s be honest, there are probably some innards in that sausage anyways…) delicious and spooky!

2. Negronis: What is Halloween without a little booze? These mixed drinks are the perfect elixir concoction for the creepiest of nights. They’re bright red, (like–yes–blood again) and they’re dangerously, almost poisonously, delicious!

3. DessertCome on, you’ve gotta have something sweet on Halloween! But what to make is really a doozy. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this list of perfect Halloween treats to bake up for some sophisticated sweetness. Mocha pumpkin cheesecake? Yes please!