Chickpeas On Chickpeas For Days

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Op-ed: Chickpeas On Chickpeas For Days

by Taia Handlin | Dish + Drink | Oct 15, 2016

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Last night I ate hummus and falafel for the first time in years.

Y’ALL. Hummus and falafel is chickpeas on chickpeas.

Granted, the falafel could be fava beans instead, or maybe lentils, but for the sake of whimsy, we’re going to assume that this was the pure chickpea variety. Anyway guys. How cute is this thing that we humans do where we put food on food and call it something else?

Ketchup on a burger with tomatoes? Pickles in tuna salad with cucumber? Margarita pizza with tomato sauce underneath? Culinary genius, my friends.

I used to have a boyfriend who liked to call me a little chickpea. Why? No clue, but he seemed to find it endearing to wrap me up in a blanket, call me a chickpea, and kiss my forehead. Throw in some hummus and falafel and maybe some gluten free chickpea cake and call it a day.

An adorable, adorable day.