McDonald\'s Witch Fries

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Harsha K.R.

Culinary News: McDonald's Witch Fries

by Rebecca Chodorkoff | Dish + Drink | Oct 20, 2016

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Halloween is just around the corner, and your food–just like everything else–is about to enter some super creepy territory.

McDonalds is jumping on the Halloween bandwagon, and they’ve crafted some spooky fries which fall somewhere on the trick-or-treat-continuum.

At their Japanese storefronts (sorry fellow Americans!) the chain will be serving up their classic french-fries, but with a bit of a twist. The fries will be topped with chocolate, and purple sweet potato sauce! The dark brown and purple gooeyness will overlap, creating a mixture as wicked as that which lies within a witch’s cauldron.

This isn’t the first time that McDonalds has fussed with its original fries overseas! Their international locations are known for putting a local twist on age-old recipes.

In Australia, fries have been topped with gravy and guacamole (gross), in Singapore these fried niblets have been dusted with truffle flavor (classy), and Japan has also seen its fair share of twists–with fries that have had chocolate, and even pumpkin spice!

I am of the opinion that some things are best left as is. So I myself will stick to regular old fries. But, if you’re traveling to Japan, and you’re in the mood for something spooky, check it out!