Make Your Own Booze

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Make Your Own Booze

by Rebecca Chodorkoff | The Dish | Jan 10, 2017

If you thought that the art of crafting your own booze was reserved for refined wineries, moonshiners, hooch aficionados, and beer hobbyists, you’re wrong. Thanks to the advent of a brand new, smart home-brewer you can make alcohol in the comfort of your own home by doing nothing more than pressing a button.

You heard me.

It’s 2017, and the future is now. A brand new kitchen appliance, called Alchema, promises to deliver homemade treats that will get you buzzed, and honestly it couldn’t be easier. The device looks like some sort of barometric space chamber, and it’s capabilities are pretty sci-fi, if you ask me.

The Alchema pairs with your smartphone (because, come on, what doesn’t these days). In order to brew up your elixir, you simply choose a drink from the options on the App, and then follow the step by step directions. There even appears to be some sort of scale, connected by bluetooth to the Alchema, which measures when you’ve added the proper amount of each ingredient!

And the ingredient list won’t have you bending over backwards. To make a batch of hard apple cider, for example, all you need is apples, water, sugar, and yeast! And, of course, a little bit of patience: hard cider or mead takes one to two weeks to reach its preferred potency and taste (with an alcohol content between 3.2 and 10.8 percent)! The app will even notify you when your booze is ready, with the option to post it on your social media.

Now that’s some 21st century boozing.

If you’re especially committed, and can get your hands on some prime wine grapes, you can even make yourself some wine! Though, you’ll have to wait about 16 weeks rather than a short one or two.

Perhaps this item isn’t an absolute necessity, but it sure does sound fun! Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit steep, at a cool $499.00 per. But, then again, I do spend a pretty penny on stocking my apartment with beer and wine as it is. Is it possible that over time this purchase could become extraordinarily cost effective?

For now, since I don’t have the cash to blow or the counter space to accommodate it, I guess I’ll just have to imagine what life would be like with my very own alcohol machine.

Probably pretty darn great.