New Candys Talk Cinematic Album ‘Bleeding Magenta’

by Elena Childers | Tune Up | Nov 21, 2017

New Candys make music bursting with visual flavor--we chat new album & lots more!

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Billboard Makers Delighted by Manson's Death

by Adam Bulger | Featured | Nov 20, 2017

WFMU has sported Charles Manson on a Newark, NJ billboard since September.

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Marshawn Lynch Stays Quiet After Trump Tweets

by Joe Virgillito | Featured | Nov 20, 2017

If Lynch decides to respond to Trump, rest assured it'll be short and simple.

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Beating The Grand Canyon's Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim Fastest Known Time

by Cat Bradley | Featured | Nov 20, 2017

I set a goal I had no business claiming: to set the “Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim Fastest Known Time,” a.k.a. the R2R2R FKT.

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The Liza Colby Sound Oozes Danger And Sexuality

by Elena Childers | The Music Meetup | Nov 20, 2017

Liza Colby’s theme song would be raw rock ‘n’ roll and her superpower is pure, strong and dangerous female sexuality.

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Listen up, gluten-intolerants: It’s not the gluten

by Tamara Holt | Featured | Nov 19, 2017

You may be able to eat that apple pie after all.

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Get Your Cobalt On

by Daniel D'ambrosio | Featured | Nov 18, 2017

A newly formed Canadian company is betting on the future of electric vehicles and smartphones.

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Art Project Lets You Yell At Your Trump Loving Relatives

by Taia Handlin | Featured | Nov 17, 2017

Confronting your racist Uncle Jerry is uncomfortable and downright scary. The conversation can go a thousand ways and most of them are terrible. But listening to him sympathize with Nazis is equally…

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The Punk Rock History Of ‘Gabba Gabba Hey’

by Elena Childers | Featured | Nov 17, 2017

You may have screamed it along with The Ramones, but do you even know what it means?

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