Talking ‘Friends’ With The Birth Marks

by Elena Childers | The Music Meetup | Jul 24, 2017

Their music is rock ‘n’ roll with a catchy pop edge. They’re melodic and fun and obsessed with 'Friends.'

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You Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

by Rebecca Chodorkoff | The Dish | Jul 23, 2017

Millennials love spicy food, so brands everywhere are upping their game to make sure that their products pack some heat.

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Conquer Fitness Plateaus with Periodization

by Cat Bradley | Life & Times | Jul 22, 2017

Get the results you deserve by changing up your routine.

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Fighting for the Right to Repair

by Laura Murphy | Featured | Jul 21, 2017

When California Polytechnic State University student Kyle Wiens dropped his Apple iBook G3 and the operating system slowed to a crawl, he decided to fix it. Coming from a long line of tinkerers, Wiens…

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I Re-Watched ‘The Room’ And It’s Tearing Me Apart

by Elena Childers | Featured | Jul 21, 2017

Who knew a film comprised completely of horrible dialogue, pointless scenes, awful green screen and the worst acting ever filmed could be so enjoyable?

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O.J. Computer: Setting The Odds on Simpson’s Next Move

by Joe Virgillito | Featured | Jul 20, 2017

The Juice will soon be loose again, just in time for Americans to be inundated with more of our favorite (allegedly) murderous running back. It’s been nine years since he was put away and the…

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Is LCD Soundsystem Killing its Indie Cred?

by Elena Childers | Music | Jul 20, 2017

LCD Soundsystem was meant to be an intimate project. But their reunion has offered nothing but huge exclusive shows with expensive tickets that sell out impossibly quick.

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Pornhub VHS Sextape Helps Seniors Keep it Frisky

by Taia Handlin | Featured | Jul 20, 2017

Pornhub cheerfully and frankly presents the risks and rewards of senior sex in a new video with retro appeal.

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Rated R For Smoking

by Joe Virgillito | Featured | Jul 20, 2017

The average number of tobacco incidents per movie has reached near-historic highs.

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