Series // Xtreme Endurance

Genre: Music

Host // DJ Meredith

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2010

Latest // Cardio Crusher

Premiere Date: Jan 16, 2018

The Motivational Monday mega-mix (3-4 hours) is geared to power you through your first workout of the week with the best up-tempo tracks from around the world. DJ Meredith will motivate you along the way with inspiring quotes! The show will keep you motivated, entertained, and focused so that you can reach your goals, smash them, and then set some new ones! If you're in training for an endurance event like a marathon or triathlon, this is the perfect mix for you. Have no fear, if you're just getting started you can break this mix up throughout the week! Life is tough, but so are you! Come back for the Toughen Up Tuesday 60-­minute mix, offering fresh workout music to enhance your next sweat session! You'll be so entertained during this power-­hour workout that your mind will easily be diverted from fatigue. Have fun while boosting your cardio and building your stamina along the way!
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All In
Jan 15

Electronica via INNA, Paul Richmond, Au5, Gel Abril, BUDD! Cool down from your extended workout w/ CamelPhat, Elderbrook, Giorgia Angiuli! | Full Playlist

Body Moving
Jan 9

Electronica via Dropgun, Stonebank, Ferreck Dawn, Sunstars! Take your sweat session to the next level w/ ‘Super Swing’ by Luca Debonaire! | Full Playlist

Feel The Burn
Jan 8

Electronica via Steve Angello, LICK DA CAT, Gel Abril! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Frost, Leo Kalyan, CamelPhat & Elderbrook! | Full Playlist

Fresh Start
Jan 2

Electronica via Ferreck Dawn, La Fuente, NWYR! Take your sweat session to the next level w/ ‘Someday’ by Maurizio Basilotta & Dave Rose! | Full Playlist

Jump Start
Jan 1

Electronica via Paris & Simo, Me & My Toothbrush, Frainbreeze! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Darakay, CamelPhat, Elderbrook! | Full Playlist

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