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00:00 - The Rundown: Episode 15 - The New Economy Week
01:14 - Matt and Jen rundown today's show
02:42 - Radio Dispatch's John and Molly Knefel talk about the Sunset Park rent strike.
10:58 - Sunset Park Rent Strike, Part 1
15:19 - Matt takes a quick mic break to introduce…
15:26 - Rent Money - Dent May
18:50 - Sunset Park Rent Strike, Part 2
22:51 - Town Business (feat. ModreM.A.N., Trackademicks, and Dope G) - Kool A.D.
26:29 - Matt and Jen with your promotional air raid!
27:22 - Surviving the Recession - Dave Lordan
32:58 - A brief introduction to…
35:46 - Interview with Sam Kazman, Part 1
43:53 - Jen takes a quick mic break to introduce…
44:02 - Tarnished Gold - Beachwood Sparks
46:41 - Interview with Sam Kazman, Part 2
54:13 - Luxury Rap (feat. Fred Da Godson) - Raekwon
56:36 - Matt and Jen with the outro
57:21 - Gracious Unemployment - Brian S. Ellis
60:00 - Finish

Rent strike in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Photo by Jen Smith

It’s The New Economy Week on BTR!

First, we head to Sunset Park, Brooklyn for some insight into an ongoing rent strike. Fed-up tenants are ready to take ownership of three dilapidated buildings away from their neglectful landlord.

Sue Trelles outside 553 46th Street, where biweekly vigils draw attention to the rent strikers’ plight.

Photo by Jen Smith

John and Molly Knefel of Radio Dispatch join us to talk about the Occupy movement and some examples of collective ownership that might inspire a new way of thinking about property.

And later, Matt sits down with Sam Kazman, lead attorney for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, one of the three plaintiffs in a case calling into question the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. For more on the CFPB, the Dodd-Frank Act, and the case against them, check out this article BTR featured on the topic earlier this month.

Today’s spoken word segments feature the talents of Dave Lordan and Brian S. Ellis.

If you’d like to submit a poem to be played on the show, feel free to send an MP3 to thirdeyeweekly at gmail dot com, but do keep sound quality in mind!

Without further ado …

The Playlist!

The Music!

Dent May
(Official Do Things cover art)
August 30 – King Georg – Cologne, Germany
August 31 – The Sound of Bronkow – Dresden, Germany
September 1 – Torstrassen Festival – Berlin, Germany
September 3 – el Lokal – Zurich, Switzerland
September 4 – Voliere – Luzern, Switzerland

Kool A.D
(Official 51 cover art)
August 23 – The New Parish – Oakland, CA

Beachwood Sparks
(Official The Tarnished Gold cover art)

Los Angeles, CA / US
London, / UK
Leeds, / UK
Cheltenham, / UK
Newark, NJ / US
Coventry, / UK
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London, / UK
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