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Series // The Synapse
Genre: Indie, Music
Host // Latola
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2006
Latest // Week of 09/23/16
Premiere Date: Sep 23, 2016

The Synapse is a weekly, multi-genre music podcast focusing on a mix of up-and-coming artists and bands, established artists and bands, and artists and bands that never "made it" but should have. New episodes hosted by Latola premiere every Friday at 6am.
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Tim Presley. Hate Week. Chad VanGaalen. The Seshen. Yussef Kamaal. Antibalas. Swarvy. Bueno. Leapling. Low Culture. And more... | Full Playlist

Cass McCombs. LisaLiza. Leighton Craig. Jepeto Solutions. Eric Copeland. Marissa Nadler. Curved Light. Thaddeus Nelson Jr. And more... | Full Playlist

Bueno. Bishop Nehru. Zula. Illingsworth. Claire Cottrill. Quicksails. Wume. Purple Wizard. J&L Defer. Grimm Doza. And more... | Full Playlist

Zula. Ohbliv. Bread Pilot. Gimm Doza. Horse Lords. Fly Anakin. Claire Cottrill. Advance Base. Charlotte Dos Santos. Krill. Koncept Jack$on. And more... | Full Playlist

Krill. Katie Dey. Knxwledge. Gemma. Murals. Omni. Forth Wanderers. CE Schneider Topical. Jazz Robots. Baked. Eola. And more... | Full Playlist