Series // The Music Digest

Genre: Music, Indie, Rock

Host // Bryan B & JLM

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2016

Latest // #Enhanced

Premiere Date: Nov 18, 2017

The Music Digest is a music reaction show hosted by Bryan B and JLM. In it, these two well-seasoned music nerds play a handful of songs either new to them or still pretty fresh and share their thoughts as they go.
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Another overly-complicated game
Nov 11

Play along at home, as Bryan and JLM make bets on the content of songs and how they relate to their titles, in yet another amazing game on The Music Digest! We brainstorm more new show ideas, talk… | Full Playlist

On The Definition Of Vaporwave
Nov 4

Shamir brings on tangents about vaporwave and household AI. | Full Playlist

Oct 28

More new music gets listened to, reacted to, and tangentially discussed! We tackle old favorites including Diane Coffee, Mo Douglas, and Slaughter Beach, Dog, and get acquainted with Flat Worms,… | Full Playlist

Oct 21

Every artist in this episode is new to BTR this week, just like most weeks. And they’re all on Bandcamp, just by lovely coincidence. And we talk about our website and old school BrooklynVegan… | Full Playlist

Lifelong Learners
Oct 14

Bryan and JLM talk a bit about last week’s MONDO.NYC Music Festival, the NY Comic Con, and nostalgia in general before digging into some super tasty new music and another excellent listener… | Full Playlist

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