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Series // The Music Digest
Genre: Media, Music
Host // Bryan B & JLM
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2016
Premiere Date: Mar 25, 2017

The Music Digest is a music reaction show hosted by Bryan B and JLM. In it, these two well-seasoned music nerds play a handful of songs either new to them or still pretty fresh and share their thoughts as they go.
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Things get a bit more critical, sushi gets eaten, J’s brain doesn’t work, and we talk about almost everything except the songs we’re listening to! Good times! But the question is… do we… | Full Playlist

Spoiler alert: we win again. The music in this episode is so good, how could we lose? We also tackled tough subjects like badass rock n’ roll, the real purpose of Texas, terrifying animals,… | Full Playlist

On this episode, we listen to so much music by Canadian artists, you’d think Justin Trudeau were guest-hosting. Also, we revisit the “classic” genre known as “chillwave” from about 7-9… | Full Playlist

Feb 18

This week on the show we take a first listen to tracks from Aquaserge, Oak House, Tim Darcy, The Sadies, and more. | Full Playlist