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Genre: Culture, Talk, Politics

Host // Joe Virgillito

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2016

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Premiere Date: Mar 22, 2018

A daily news podcast that gives you 15 minutes of original reporting on events throughout NYC that speak to greater national and international issues.
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Matt Bruenig: Update on People's Policy Project
Mar 21

Matt Bruenig joins the show to discuss People's Policy Project recent content, building a supporter base, choosing content topics, and more. | Full Playlist

Dr. Steve Billet on Potential Mueller Firing & More
Mar 20

Dr. Steve Billet returns to predict if President Trump will fire Robert Mueller, potential fallout, and much more. | Full Playlist

Jon Stotsky on Student Freedom of Speech
Mar 19

Jon Stotsky joins the show to discuss the Knight Foundation's recent report exploring student opinions about freedom of speech on college campuses. | Full Playlist

Brandyn Lau, Part II: Collecting Medical Data for Gender Minorities
Mar 16

In Part II, Brandyn Lau discusses the reasons for the rise in gender-affirming surgeries, the specialized nature of it, and collecting data to create a medical demographic from scratch. | Full Playlist

Brandyn Lau, Part I: Rise in Gender-Affirming Surgeries
Mar 15

Brandyn Lau joins the show to discuss his recent study chronicling the rise in gender-affirming surgeries over the last decade. | Full Playlist

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