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00:00 - Mic Break
02:19 - Them Destroy My Home - The Sea Slugs
11:05 - Kalakuti - ÉKÓ Afrobeat
15:47 - Another Door Opens - The Big Mackoofy
20:05 - Tout Est Permis - Abou Debeing
23:41 - Mic Break
23:52 - Passion - Daisuke Kondo
32:18 - Shekere - Tom Blip
38:07 - Mary Lost A Man In Lagos - Fluid Constructure
47:39 - Na My Turn (Radio Edit) - Dele Sosimi
51:27 - Mic Break
52:06 - My Lady Frustration - Fela Kuti
59:04 - Aye - Ayotheartist
61:47 - Giumbele - Nelda Pina y La Boa ft. Nidia Gongora
66:39 - Mic Break
66:54 - Born Knowing - Barry Hyman
70:41 - Get Up At Noon - Legs
75:09 - Proud To Be - Henri-Pierre Noel
79:34 - Cruise Control - Jungle By Night
82:25 - One Thirty Three - Chrome Glaciers
86:48 - Mic Break
88:02 - Koukou - Francis Yaounde
93:43 - Finish

This week, DJ Meredith introduces more new bands, artists & rare tracks! Let’s open the show again with UK band, The Sea Slugs and their track, ‘Them Destroy My Home’!  Enjoy new grooves as we check out ÉKÓ Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, The Big Mackoofy and so much more! This week we’ll also check out some tunes from Jungle By Night, Ayotheartist, and Chrome Glaciers just to name a few.


ÉKÓ Afrobeat / Kalakuti

ÉKÓ Afrobeat / Kalakuti


The Big Mackoofy / Another Door Opens

The Big Mackoofy / Another Door Opens


Tom Blip / Shekere

Tom Blip / Shekere

Host // DJ Meredith
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2010
Meredith is a DJ/producer born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She was always a collector of vast amounts of music and grew up…


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