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00:00 - // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID //
00:19 - // GunFight! / 10 years and a new album //
03:01 - “Woof/Howl” (Serious Business, 2011) - GunFight!
07:10 - “Veteran’s Bridge” (Serious Business, 2011) - GunFight!
11:16 - “Skeptical Eyes” - GunFight!
15:40 - “An American In Brooklyn” - GunFight!
24:01 - // About GunFight! //
28:50 - “Fantastic Disco” - The New Restaurants
31:54 - “Guts” - Grim Streaker
34:10 - “I Know You Would Do Anything For Love But What Would You Do For Me” - MiniBoone
39:02 - “It’s Not The End Of The World (If It’s The End Of The World” (Serious Business, 2012) - Quiet Loudly
44:59 - // The GunFight! Connection //
51:11 - “Subway Soldier” (Serious Business, 2013) - Raccoon Fighter
54:19 - “California Girls” (Serious Business, 2013) - Shark?
56:56 - // Further GunFight! Connectivity //
59:28 - “Understate” - The Royal They
64:23 - // Disclaimer//
64:55 - // Finish.

GunFight has been a band for 10 years now and just being a band at all is hard enough, so being a band for 10 years is a laudable accomplishment — of course, then it’s even harder to be as good as GunFight! consistently and continually is. They’ve got a new album coming out that’s been in the works for quite a while and they’re celebrating that release, as well as their 10 year existence, with a show at The Footlight in Ridgewood, Queens, on Saturday, April 22nd. Also on the bill are Raccoon Fighter, Sun Hat, and Shark? We’ll hear music from all of those bands (or at least some members of those bands), plus a few others with some clear connections to GunFight!

GunFight! - Stripes
GunFight! – Stripes

GunFight! // photo courtesy of the artist


GunFight!: Official Website // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Host // J. McVay
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2011
J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around and has been working…


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