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Series // StereoactiveNYC
Genre: Indie, Music, Music, Rock
Host // JLM
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2011
Latest // Episode 11
Premiere Date: Mar 22, 2017

Every other Wednesday, StereoactiveNYC features music from artists that are playing around the NYC/Brooklyn area. Occasionally, it includes interviews with local musicians and looks back at music from years past, to contextualize the music being made around town today.
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There’s a lot of new music coming out right now from NYC-based artists. One such artist is Parlor Walls, whose new full length album is being released by Northern Spy Records on March 10th, so… | Full Playlist

Episode 9
Feb 22

Artists playing around NYC from 2/24-3/9; Thursdays For The Cause, March lineup; King Pizza Records; new music by Vagabon, A Deer A Horse, PWR BTTM; and a single to benefit Flint water crisis victims. | Full Playlist

This episode covers February 9 through February 23, 2017 and features an interview with Carl Creighton. Carl’s band, Howth, released an album called Trashy Milky Nothing Town (it’s about… | Full Playlist

This episode covers January 26 through February 8, 2017 and features an interview with Elizabeth Devlin. Elizabeth has a new album called Orchid Mantis coming out soon, so we discussed her… | Full Playlist

Episode 6
Jan 11

In this episode, we hear music by artists who are playing around the NYC area from January 11th-26th. Among them are Shark?, who are playing a reunion show, and Landlady, who are playing an… | Full Playlist