Series // Roadside Assistance

Genre: Indie, Music

Host // Emily Smith

Location: Oklahoma City | Host Since: 2006

Latest // Beach Party

Premiere Date: May 26, 2017

Roadside Assistance is a roundtable discussion featuring eight different BTR hosts who comment with music instead of statements. Each person comes with three songs meant to represent their own idea of, say, a tailgating party... or fireworks... or barbecues. You know, stuff like that.
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School's Out
May 5

School's out, my friends! Time to take on the summer. This theme makes our DJs conjure up visions of sunshine, beaches, and getting away from it all. That and more will be explored in the edition of… | Full Playlist

Spring Break II
Apr 7

We're sure ready for the warmer weather that Spring brings. If it hasn't hit your area yet, hop a plane and join us for this edition of Roadside Assistance. | Full Playlist

Spring Break
Mar 3

The Roadside Assistance crew has assembled a show to ease you with your travels. Whether you're going to work, on a cross country trip, or over seas. You'll want to take this mix with you and… | Full Playlist

Roadside Assistance - Mardi Gras
Feb 3

Pack your bags and take a journey with BTR's Roadside Assistance crew. Eight of your favorite DJs have made some excellent track selections that remind them of this months celebration, Mardi Gras! | Full Playlist

Winter Break
Jan 2

The Roadside crew is joining together to ring in the New Year with our Winter Break addition of Roadside Assistance. Eight of your favorite DJs have hand selected tracks that remind them of winter… | Full Playlist

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