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Premiere Date: Jul 24, 2017

Radio Dispatch is a daily podcast covering progressive politics, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel. The show features journalists, authors, organizers, and artists, as well as John and Molly's own original reporting and analysis. From civil liberties and privacy to civil rights and intersectional feminism, Radio Dispatch covers the news from a point of view that values recognizing and discussing power and privilege. John and Molly's journalism can be found at Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, Vice, The New Inquiry and more. Listeners are the most important part of Radio Dispatch, and the show strives to amplify the stories and narratives from those on the other end of the microphone.
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JAMJAM Fridays Explains the Land Tax
Jul 21

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk about how a land tax could fund the New York City MTA. Also, John on the Times Trump interview. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter | Full Playlist

MGG Thursdays on ICE in Court
Jul 20

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk about ICE targeting immigrant women in Queens sex trafficking courts. Also, John checks in on the 8th person in the Don Jr.… | Full Playlist

Temporary Victory
Jul 19

Morning John on the tentative death of the Senate healthcare bill, school based health clinics face budget cuts in New York City, and catching up on listener mail. Mitch McConnell Photo by… | Full Playlist

Life On Parole
Jul 18

We’re joined by Matthew O’Neill, director of the new documentary from Frontline and the New York Times “Life on Parole.” Also, Reality Winner and the lack of support for… | Full Playlist

Know Your Rights!
Jul 17

Our legal eagle correspondent Summer is here to talk the basics of knowing your rights when interacting with the police. Also, fantastic listener mail! Photo by Achim Schleuning courtesy… | Full Playlist

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