Series // Overnight Sensation

Genre: Indie, Music, Punk

Host // Patrick K.

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2009

Latest // Is Dead

Premiere Date: Oct 26, 2016

Overnight Sensation is BTR's home for underground indie rock, bedroom pop, punk, and other types of home-recorded experimental music. Overnight Sensation ISN'T really a DIY show because I do not know how the bands I play are doing it. They aren't sending me one-sheets, and I don't research them very thoroughly. Most of the time, all I get is their location. For all I know they are all sponsored by Mtn Dew, have publicists, lawyers, management, and their Soundcloud pages where they have 27 followers are part of a strategic cred-building campaign that just hasn't gone viral yet. Personally, I try to stay out of it. I basically just surf around the world wide web until I hear a band I like. Then I play the band on my show. Each week I try to pick new bands that will work well together. If there's time left to kill, I'll play older stuff. Sometimes I repeat stuff. It's OK to do that, I think. Have a great day!
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Reelin' in the Years... 2013-2014
Oct 19

Wow! Only two shows left (including this one)! Hard to believe it's almost over, but at least we're going out strong, playing all the hits from years gone by... And this week's episode features… | Full Playlist

Reelin' in the Years... 2011-2012
Oct 12

Only three more episodes left... Get 'em while they're hot! This week, we take another stroll through the show's past, going back to the years 2011 and 2012. In retrospect, it was a weird time for… | Full Playlist

Reelin' in the Years... 2009-2010
Oct 5

I've been doing this show for almost seven years, and there's only a few episodes left! So I've decided to play some of my favorite tracks from way back... Starting with this week, with songs… | Full Playlist

Cavalcade of Stars!
Sep 28

This week is heavy on heavy-hitters... new tunes from Overnight Sensation faves... some of the best new music you will hear all year! Music from bands like DICKTATIONS! KERO KERO BONITO! OLD… | Full Playlist

Colors of the Pines
Sep 21

Lots of great new tunes this week from show favorites like URANIUM CLUB, VIOLENT CHANGE, STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, and VANITY! Lots of more good new stuff from bands I didn't know before like THE POM… | Full Playlist

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