Series // Nights Of Our Lives

Genre: Culture, Comedy

Host // David Martin

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2008

Latest // Vices

Premiere Date: Feb 27, 2018

The best of the best comedians and writers in New York get together at the end of every month to share their wild and crazy stories based on a new theme each show.
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Best Presents
Jan 23

Remember that great present you got for the holidays of your dad cheating on your mom? Or of your Irish dance teacher humiliating eight year old you? Or that blow job you received from that totally… | Full Playlist

Dec 26

Brave the holiday season with our intrepid storytellers as they share tales of past holiday woes and triumphs! | Full Playlist

Nov 28

Teaching children? Nightmarish. Your first time as an S&M mistress? Definitely nightmarish. Especially when you wince at inflicting pain on others. Not listening to this month’s Nights of Our Lives… | Full Playlist

Body Issues
Oct 24

Can’t stand how you look? Neither can we. Stand how you look. Hahaha. Oh my [wipes away tear], that’s a great joke. But honestly, none of us like how we look either. We all have Body Issues. | Full Playlist

Back to School
Sep 26

The end of summer signals the beginning of school. For this month we gave our performers, as homework, the task of sharing with us their best Back to School stories. What they told us runs the gamut… | Full Playlist

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