Series // New Vibrations

Genre: Indie, Music, Rock

Host // Elena Childers

Location: NYC | Host Since: 2016

Latest // Week of 06/21/17

Premiere Date: Jun 21, 2017

New Vibrations is a podcast featuring brand-spanking new tracks by indie artists from all over. These babies are hot off the press, not more than a few weeks old -- some aren't even officially released yet! Listen to get the exclusives and to give your eardrums a treat.
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Week of 06/14/17
Jun 14

You just HAVE to listen to this week's playlist 'cause it's filled with amazing musicians, bands and songs. | Full Playlist

Week of 06/07/17
Jun 7

This week I feature all kinds of new stuff that's all amazing and that's what I always do. So, you're welcome for delivering. | Full Playlist

Week of 05/31/17
May 31

This week we start of slow and moody, and gradually build to dancey and moody! | Full Playlist

Week of 05/24/17
May 24

A super special playlist for my 25th birthday featuring all the best songs released so far this year! Enjoy. xoxo | Full Playlist

Week of 05/17/17
May 17

We're cool, you're cool. So, listen to these new tracks/ soon-to-be-released tracks. We promise you it'll be a riot of a time. | Full Playlist

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