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00:00 - Intro
01:34 - Introducing Fletcher C. Johnson
03:26 - Let Fletcher Sleep - Fletcher C. Johnson
05:48 - Wild And Free - Fletcher C. Johnson
09:22 - Bruised Ego - Fletcher C. Johnson
11:46 - Lesson In Tenderness - Fletcher C. Johnson
17:18 - Wilder Than Me - Fletcher C. Johnson
19:22 - Mic Break
19:47 - Interview w/ Fletcher C. Johnson
35:16 - Mic Break
35:54 - Outro
36:41 - This Summer - Fletcher C. Johnson
39:01 - Always - Fletcher C. Johnson
41:43 - Out On My Own - Fletcher C. Johnson
43:45 - My Girl - Fletcher C. Johnson
45:11 - Wintertime - Fletcher C. Johnson
48:03 - Lonely Life - Fletcher C. Johnson
52:06 - Finish

Why hello and welcome to the weekly The Music Meetup (formerly known as Discovery Corner)!

This week we talk to Fletcher C. Johnson–the chaotic folk rock’n’roller.

Currently based in NYC, he ventured to the city from Vermont, because he wanted to be in the”biggest” city in the U.S.. As in–the most life, the most rich in experience, the most squished together. Boy, oh boy, is NYC that!

His music is a combo of wild rock’n’roll that makes him thrash about on stage and engage the audience, and melodic soothing folk tunes. He admits he hates writing lyrics, he literally writes the entire song, including the vocal melody and solos, before writing the lyrics.

Currently, he’s working on writing more material–he confesses that this time around he’s sticking with a truly folky sound. Make sure to keep your eye on this guy and don’t forget to check out the Discovery Artist on Fletcher C. Johnson!


Fletcher C. Johnson: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Host // Elena Childers
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Musical Artists: Fletcher C. Johnson


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