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Series // The Music Meetup
Genre: Indie, Music, Music, Rock
Host // Elena Childers
Location: NYC | Host Since: 2016
Latest // Shadow Band
Premiere Date: Mar 27, 2017

The Music Meetup spotlights indie artists from all over, and of every genre. Get an earful of music and then a one-on-one chat with the artist themselves. So rock out and get to know your new fav musician!
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Calvin Love
Mar 20

Cool down and rev up to the sound of Calvin Love—a Canadian bringing all the loveliness & coldness to his music. | Full Playlist

Weird Omen
Mar 13

Let's get weird with Weird Omen--a dark & mysterious French band that sings rock'n'roll explosions! | Full Playlist

The Dig
Mar 6

This week we listen to the new album "Bloodshot Tokyo" by The Dig, and chat with bassist/vocalist, Emile Mosseri—you’ll dig The Dig! | Full Playlist

Nox Boys
Feb 27

The epitome of badass rock'n'roll blues--this Pittsburgh-based band will knock your socks off. Meet Nox Boys and swoon your little heart out! | Full Playlist

Feb 20

Jordan Corso, aka Cotillon, puts out music that soothes the soul--it's relatable in so many ways! We chat w/ & listen to his first album & a brand new single off of his upcoming album, The Afternoons. | Full Playlist