Series // Live @ Old School Studios

Genre: Indie, Live Music, Music

Host // Mr Jason

Location: UK | Host Since: 2007

Latest // Bald Wife

Premiere Date: Mar 19, 2016

Every Saturday for the last 10 years, Mr Jason has been finding great bands, and coaxing them into his analogue recording studio to record them live on reel-to-reel tape. He's had everything from acoustic to hardcore, funk to hip-hop, indie to experimental -- from England, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and elsewhere.
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Dog's Dinner
Mar 12

DOG'S DINNER - Today's band sort of bring to mind a slightly ramshackle Shellac. Ramshellackle if you will.. They're already getting other radio play here in the UK, and picking up some good gigs at… | Full Playlist

Discharge Lounge
Mar 5

DISCHARGE LOUNGE - Well, this was a fun session! If you don't believe me, listen to it, and also look at the photos. And if you did believe me all along, still listen to it, and look at the photos.… | Full Playlist

Maya Law
Feb 27

MAYA LAW - Even though she's just 16, Maya is already all over the local music scene, playing live sessions for the BBC, doing lots of gigs, and I just had to get her into the studio for some analogue… | Full Playlist

Tebetan Night Terrors
Feb 20

TIBETAN NIGHT TERRORS - Well, today's session is gonna be a lorra, lorra fun! Even without the Cilla Black accent, it's going to be a surprise, surprise, and the unexpected is definitely going to hit… | Full Playlist

Holly Lerski
Feb 13

HOLLY LERSKI - I'd seen Holly's name around the local music scene for many years, but for some reason that escapes both of us, we hadn't met until today. I noticed that Holly was headlining the… | Full Playlist

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