Series // Ladies Skate Only

Genre: Music, Indie, Rock

Host // Emily Smith

Location: Oklahoma City | Host Since: 2006

Latest // La Louma is Our Artist…

Premiere Date: Nov 24, 2017

A showcase for all of the talented ladies out there, each episode puts a spotlight on the female artists we can't get enough of.
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Ora Cogan is This Week's Artist Spotlight
Nov 10

This all female set comes with an artists spotlight on Ora Cogan featuring five new tracks from her latest release "Crickets."                 Lydia… | Full Playlist

Laura Sauvage, Mary Epworth and new stuff from Lydia Loveless
Oct 27

This mix features a lot of new music and the first ever back to back artist featured in the artist spotlight. DJ Emily's kinda excited. | Full Playlist

Now Airs On Friday
Oct 13

Have you noticed your favorite all-female music mix has moved to Friday? Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app so you never miss an episode. | Full Playlist

Week of 09/29/17
Sep 29

Get your female music fix on this lady packed mix. This week we're doing an artist spotlight on Oklahoma City's LCG and the X. | Full Playlist

Week of 09/17/17
Sep 17

An hour of all-female music for you today. With an artist spotlight on Sarah Shook and The Disarmers. Plus new music from Caroline Says and Baby in Vain. | Full Playlist

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