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00:00 - Mic Break
00:20 - It’s Masturbation Month!
04:19 - Breathing Space - Little Club
08:22 - Sex positive comedy with Kate Willet
20:42 - Loveless - Little Club
24:08 - Send Off
24:32 - Too Much Love - Little Club
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It’s Masturbation Month! Grab your vibrators, your dildos, your Frankenstein Fleshlights, whatever you need to tickle your bits and listen to the sultry sounds of my voice while you’re at it. We’re talking about sex toy distributor Lovehoney’s new survey about people’s masturbation habits. Turns out people like it, who knew.

Later, we’re talking with comedian Kate Willet about her comedy and communal living. Follow her on Twitter @katewillet.

Courtesy of Kate Willet

Host // Taia Handlin
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Taia Handlin is a fabulous Portland native currently working and writing in New York City. She received her BA in Gender Studies from…
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